1 year at Allied

Reading time: 3 mins It’s been a year since I returned to the world of the salaried, and to working in an office (three days a week) and I’m happy I made the right decision. It’s been a fun, challenging year, but I think I’ve made the transition well; it’s been an adjustment for sure but I knew that, […]

Reasons to work

Reading time: 5 mins I’ve been made been made redundant three times in my career, so far, and the first two were from my first two jobs. Not a great start, you’d think. The first time was from a small Scottish company called Crossaig (I built their website back in 1999, christ I’m old…) they were, in hindsight, just […]

Hotel Life

Reading time: 3 mins Hotels are strange places. Particular the big chains that always give me pause when I am woken from my slumber by an early alarm, those initial few seconds it takes to remember where I am in the world when confronted by yet another bland room with the exact same layout as the other bland rooms […]

Everything changes

Reading time: 4 mins We human beings are a strange and complicated lot in many ways, none more so than when something alters in our worldview. I know that change is viewed by a lot of people as a bad thing yet it seems that, when it is thrust upon us, we adapt to it far more easily than […]

Que será será

Reading time: 2 mins I start a new job this week – on a Wednesday for some reason – my first new job for several years. It wasn’t planned but as my first day approaches I’m getting more and more eager to get going. Throughout my career working life I’ve only ever really wanted to do something useful, I’ve […]

Anti-career advice

Reading time: 9 mins A few years ago I moved from permanent salaried jobs to contracting. Ostensibly it was a shot in the dark as I needed a job, any job, at the time, and I thought why not?! It was (and still is) a means to an end. Like you I have bills to pay and so, having […]