Reading time: < 1 min We’ve been to theatre to see Alan Cumming in MacBeth. It was stunning, powerful, and brilliantly acted. We were sat in the front row, at eye level with the actors. The premise is simple enough, Alan Cumming plays a MacBeth gone mad, revisiting the routes of his demise, set in the scene of a 60s […]

Pearl Jam, Manchester

Reading time: 2 mins And so it was that, 20 years since first hearing a single called Alive by a band named Pearl Jam, that I sat and listened to the opening chords of Release with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. We’ve been through a lot, Pearl Jam and I, more than I probably […]

One step forward

Reading time: 2 mins Life continues apace and that suits me just fine. Still making changes (tweaks) to how I live, replaced cheap TV unit with a better, cleaner, solution (before/after), and I’ve been going through ALL of my belongings to declutter as much as I can. I’m finding some neat parallels along the way too. My tastes for […]