Reading time: < 1 min AKA Food Poisoning. Is not fun. I will spare you the details. That is all.

Getting into the groove

Reading time: < 1 min This blog is starting to feel like just that, a personal blog, again. That’s good, in that I seem to be getting some sort of writing routine back (even if it’s still somewhat sporadic) and bad in that I seem to be treating it more like a diary. Anyway, it’s my blog, I can do […]


Reading time: 3 mins He hurries in from the cold,shakes his overcoat from his shoulders and hangs it, then his hat, on the bentwood coat stand. He warms his hands on the radiator, crosses the living room to the hi-fi. Bending down he flick-flacks quickly through the LPs, and in practised movement slides an album from its sleeve and […]

ISTC website

Reading time: < 1 min My plan for the early part of next week is to start making updates to content on the ISTC website. However, like all plans, it’s already had a curveball thrown at it in that the website was built using DreamWeaver a tool I am neither familiar with, nor fond of. Regardless, I’ll muddle through. It’s […]

Random thought of the day

Reading time: < 1 min I was at the Skunk Anansie gig last night and there were a lot of tattoos on display. A lot of them on women including one full lower arm piece. It got me thinking. To have a large piece of ink on display, pretty much all the time, takes an attitude and lifestyle but which […]


Reading time: < 1 min Just been checking my calendar. 12th Nov – Tonight, out for food and drinks. 13th Nov – Tomorrow, hand in registration form at new doctor, go discuss idea for next tattoo with artist. 14th Nov – Sunday, early start at IKEA, then the building of various pieces of furniture whilst watching F1. 15th Nov – […]