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My plan for the early part of next week is to start making updates to content on the ISTC website.

However, like all plans, it’s already had a curveball thrown at it in that the website was built using DreamWeaver a tool I am neither familiar with, nor fond of. Regardless, I’ll muddle through.

It’s an odd thing, taking over something that someone else has worked on for so long and I’m treading carefully at the moment. Thankfully there are several people who’ve said they’ll help out and, as we roll into 2011, I’m hoping the website will be in a much better place, serving both members and new visitors alike.

Looking around at other professional organisation websites, there are many examples and ideas we can look at and take inspiration from, and one key aim will be to allow people to update content quickly and easily and, once that is in place, we can look to integrate some of the community aspects that have been discussed previously (a year ago, how time flies!).

It won’t be a quick job, but I’m setting myself fairly aggressive targets to get the work done. Updated content by the end of the month, and an updated back-end to the website by the end of January.


  1. How does the fact that the site was created in DreamWeaver affect your ability to work with it? Websites are written in HTML and/or CSS, not in DreamWeaverese or Kompozerspeak. Does the company insist that you use their computers and their tools for this project?

  2. Kevin

    I’m quite happy to hack at HTML and CSS in Notepad, but I also have template files to deal with and I’m just not sure where they fit as I’ve not used DreamWeaver, but I think they are a complication I can bypass for now.

    Ultimately I’ll be moving the website to a CMS to allow others to update content on a regular basis.

    And I’ve volunteered to do this, there is no ‘insist’ ๐Ÿ™‚

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