Naughty naughty

At the risk of attracting the wrong clientele, or worse, offending the current hangers on... um... devoted readers, I thought I'd tackle a subject close to my groin.. er.. heart. Actually, that's a lie. Sort of... ohh balls, I knew this would happen. In trying to retain a sense of dignity and political correctness I


Working for 14 hours a day leaves me unable to sleep, so I'm certain that by the time the weekend rolls around I'll be dead on my feet and happy to have a lie-in on Saturday morning. With that in mind, I've got one more post1 coming before I pause for a couple of days.

Tales of Endurance

Tales of Endurance by Fergus Fleming To call this book a history of exploration may seem at once both overly optimistic and slightly redundant. It is by no means a complete account of the expeditions it covers, nor is it a history per se, focussing more on the will, desire, and often the tyranny and

Firefox Extensions Revisited

Been a while since I waffled on about Firefox, but with 2.0 in Alpha (no I've not tried it yet, and I'd suggest you leave it well alone too) I thought it might be a good time to look at the current extensions I'm using. I've tried many different extensions but have pared things down

No smoking

It's such an historic occasion that I can't let it pass quietly... Scotland is now, legally, a "non-smoking in enclosed areas" country. Uproar and nonsense have been spewed forth on this topic for many months now, and loathed as I am to add to it I feel compelled to put forth a non-smokers view. First


The smoking ban has started in Scotland. From this point onwards my one retort, to anyone wanting to argue the case (a la David Hockney) that this law is impinging their civil rights, will be short and sweet. I don't care about YOUR civil rights, I care about MINE, and MY civil rights are not

You know…

(stolen from the ever lovely Gunnella) ... you are living in 2006 when: 1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave. 2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years. 3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of three. 4. You e-mail the person who works at


Thank you ALL for responding so generously over the past couple of days. It's been fun for me, and I hope not TOO boring for you. I've got a few 'action items' from it, least of all the comment form order thingy, but mostly I'm just happy that YOU seem quite happy coming here. Putting


Well that was interesting. A few random thoughts about yesterdays... um... experiment. Yes, let's call it that. Makes it sound a little more like I planned it rather than just fell prey to the insatiable "muse of frequent blogging" (she's beginning to get on my nerves mind you, I much prefer the caring caress of


This is not a plea for re-assurance, nor a cry for help. It IS a quick and easy post for which I make no apology whatsoever. Look, just humour me, ok? Yes... AGAIN. Why do you come here?

Stuck in draft

Patiently they sit, biding their time. Eager for limelight and growing nervous. What if they pass unnoticed? As the slow trickle of sand reaches an end some of them wonder if they have already missed their opportunity and, if so, what then? In past times they were given a new life under a different guise,


A stop/start weekend. Saturday saw us heading into Hamilton for some more supplies for Louise, a quick jaunt out to MacArthur Glen shopping outlet (more supplies for Louise) and then racing through to Dumbarton in an effort to beat the traffic that was sure to build up for the Cup Final on... um... Sunday. Thankfully

The Book Title Meme

Don't let the title put you off, this is no ordinary meme. Firstly, and for a change, I know who started it, but most of all this meme requires a fair amount of pondering and no small amount of writing - after all, you'll be trying to match up to a published author! Enough of


The Guinness Surger sounds a bit like a bad American car but it's actually a clever wee ultrasonic widget. Plug it in, add a spot of water to the base, sit a glass of cold, freshly poured, Guinness atop and WHOOOSH (check the video on the page). I have to admit that I could happily

Damned lies

A boring post about website statistics follows. Feel free to scroll on down to the next post which may, or may not be more entertaining. What? You want a LINK to the next post? You lazy bugger... Last month (or was it the month before?) I asked you for recommendations for a new stats package