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Coloured views

I remember sitting in a lecture hall, third row from the front. It was an old room, well loved, and the sun was streaming through the vertical blinds captured in the dust stirred by 30 nervous, anxious and very unsure students. It was the first day of college and I had no idea what to


Try something new. Try something different. Don't give in to the fear. A while ago this was a bit of a mantra. I was pushing myself, not dramatically but enough to broaden my horizons and my view of the world (or the world as I see it). But recently, not so much. Case in point,

Life continues

New tattoo, sprained ankle, and a desire to write more. But aside from that, not much else in my head. Nothing ready to fall out here at least. Off to my cousin's wedding on Friday, sunny Birmingham for some fun with friends at the weekend and on Monday I'm hoping to try the award winning

Finding the way

Overhead the clouds swirl, heavy drops of rain plummet onto his upturned face. Eyes closed he savours each tiny impact, each one reaffirming one thing, he is still alive and, as the rain washes away the dust and grime, he smiles. He lowers his head and looks around, noticing each blade of grass anew, the


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