Life continues

New tattoo, sprained ankle, and a desire to write more.

But aside from that, not much else in my head. Nothing ready to fall out here at least.

Off to my cousin’s wedding on Friday, sunny Birmingham for some fun with friends at the weekend and on Monday I’m hoping to try the award winning Meathead Ltd burger. My boss is over from the US of A, so hoping to treat him to some of the better places in Glasgow. Dining at Urban on Thursday with the team, and then on Monday I’ll drag him to Oran Mor, Nice and Sleazy, and then to the Horseshoe Bar, finishing at Blackfriars.

A mini-tour of some of the more down to earth pubs in Glasgow should about do it.

It’s funny, for all the times I eat out in Glasgow, I don’t really blog about it that much. Have I mentioned the Hanoi Bike Shop for example? or Pinto? The Hyndland Cafe?

We are spoiled for choice. I do love my home city (more on that, later!).