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Copenhagen is lovely. I sit here, mid-conference, catching up on emails (only 250 to go). Will write more about it when I return, but the one thing that everyone I’ve spoken to agrees on, this is a lovely city. Clean, efficient and very friendly (I was thanked for my smile last night…), standard of living is high, everyone seems to cycle to work. Someone remind me why I live in the UK again?

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The innocence of youth as defined by my godson Mark (soon to be aged 7), story related by Louise:

“What do you want for your birthday?”


“Everything? Not sure I can afford that right now, it would be awfully expensive to try and buy everything, and, you can never really have everything..”

“I’ve got 50p in my pocket, will that help?”


It’s hot, muggy, sticky and horrible. The kind of day that saps the energy, and makes sure you can’t sleep at night by sucking up all the air. Yeuchh.

Finalising mortgage details tonight, then a nice day tomorrow in the air-conditioned office in Glasgow. Ahhh bliss. Unfortunately I need to get between meetings (one in Glasgow, one in Hamilton – about 15 miles) in a nanosecond around 1:30ish, I already get the feeling that it’s not gonna work…

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Reb’s trying to figure out what to have for their first dance (at their wedding, not ever…) and she’d love to hear your suggestions. I remember our first dance, well first shuffle. Louise’s dress was made by her Mum, and had so much material in it it was all we could do, between us, to shuffle a bit. Still an Aunt did comment that it looked really nice and cuddly and not all forced and stiff like some first dances can be, you know where the bride and groom try and waltz a bit, but can’t because of the big white dress!

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I was just about to go back and edit a mistake in the June 22nd entry. I managed to omit the fact that it was my beautiful and wonderful Louise’s birthday (she probably hates being 21 again by now… surely…). But now I need to be honest, and anyway, she’s already seen that I missed it… dog house again.

Excellent weekend – Friday night – beer, dinner, beer beer beer. Mainly focussed around the beer garden and the first time Louise had met some of my work colleagues. Yes I was slightly apprehensive, but they all behaved themselves, well as much as usual anyway!

Saturday – Glasgow, shopping, lunch, shopping, then round to S & A’s for beer, pizza, chat, beer, chat, beer, chat.

Sunday – in-laws for BBQ (No beer though, I was driving…).

Now home. Work starts tomorrow (again). Tired. Bed. Night all!