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Amazing the difference the weather makes. A couple of sunny days and suddenly the world is a lighter place and everyone is happy, friendly and a little bit pink.

At one point on Saturday, as I sat and perused the conveyor belt at Yo Sushi!, I realised I had a big loony grin on my face as I was perfectly content and happy. Thinking about it, that might explain why the staff were so quick to get me my bill and usher me from my seat.

Note to self: If you are feeling happy with life, and are a little bit blissed out, probably best to keep your hands above the table.

Sunday was Dad Day, and so I visited my Dad and forced him to cook several chickens, two and a half cows and some corn on the cob on the BBQ. After eating all of that it was all I could do to pootle home and collapse on the sofa.

One thing I will need to do more of, whenever the whole ‘staring a new life’ thing kicks in (seriously, 3 bed semi-detached in Hamilton, spanking new bathroom, sumptuous kitchen, quiet cul-de-sac, will someone please buy it), is go to parties as apparently that is what most of the people I follow on Twitter did this weekend.

I don’t get invited to parties much these days, so please feel free to invite me to your party if you are having one. I’m very well behaved, quite socialable, and will even make sure I’ve had my weekly shower that day.

And I promise I will keep my hands above the table.


One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, four.
Poor little Gordon, sprawling on the floor…

OK, not quite, but it was certainly the theme of the weekend.

Friday night saw me out with some ex-colleagues. I hesitate to call them that as they are really more friends, or certainly acquaintances, than just a bunch of people I used to work with. This is evidenced by the fact that I didn’t really feel like I’d been away, and pretty soon the jokes were flying, alcohol was consumed and the dancing began.

And then came the tequila.

Ohh and I don’t know who made the decision, but having a branch of Subway open until 2am is GENIUS. Finally something, reasonably, healthy to eat for that post pub snack. Thank you thank you thank you.

As it turned out Saturday morning wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, which was just as well as, after watching some hugely one-sided games of rugby, we were off out again that evening.

I have never played squash so wasn’t quite sure what to expect of a BBQ at a squash club but it was a good night made all the better by a stonkingly good blues band called “Harmonica Lewinsky” who, and I mention this only to provide the somewhat tenuous link referred to in the post title, played an excellent version of “Tequila”. The BBQ finished at 1am, and it was back to my brother-in-laws for music and beer before we finally landed in bed somewhere around 4.30am.

And so endeth my weekend of binge drinking, add me to that government list for I am a risk to myself and others!


Friday night. Games night at work, with a Wiimbledon tournament running on one wall (using the overhead projector) and a Pro Evolution Soccer tournament running on one of the small LCD tvs.. a third TV had an XBox hooked up for various games, and a second Wii was chopping and changing another set of games. Chaos. And pizza.

My thumb still hurts.

Saturday and we picked up some friends and headed to Strathaven for a BBQ. The weather held, surprisingly, and we all ate too much. For a change I didn’t have that much to drink, with the onset of a migraine lurking.

Which wiped me out for most of Sunday. Bloody things.

Still, we did make it through to Dumbarton to wish our nephew a happy birthday. We no longer have any nieces or nephews who aren’t teenagers and Louise and I feel very old.

And that’s about it really. I did read Nigel Slater’s book “Toast” (funny and sad at the same time) and we did watch Transamerica on the Saturday night (great movie), but not much else happened. Which was good. I could get the hang of these 3-day weekends you know…

I see the discussion that, somehow, I kicked off last week is still going on, and I’ve got some more thoughts on that myself. As for the rest of this week, well I’m not entirely sure what it holds, but do swing by if you get a moment.


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Washed car. Chopped down small tree. Sun came out. Chopped down some bamboo. Dug over sideborder. Parents visited. BBQ.

Went for run. Hot. Legs still tired. Cut grass. Cleared out garage. Went to dump. Watched football. More BBQ. Scottish Blogs stuff. Design skills ‘stuck’, still. Slept like log.

More later.


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Yesterday was a Bank Holiday. Whilst this is not a huge event in and of itself, it is worth noting as it was probably the first time I’ve not worked one for about 10 years.

After a day pottering at home on Saturday, we headed through to a friends house for a BBQ on Sunday. Not the greatest of days for cooking outdoors but it wasn’t TOO cold. A long afternoon turned into a late night, with news of a wedding taking centre stage. I’ll also be really REALLY good and not mention fake tan… sorry private joke.

We stayed with my parents on Saturday night and arose early to took take my parents to Perth for the day. Most of the day was spent wandering around shops and gardens, with several food related pitstops. Photos were taken, the weather did it’s best, and my Mum even managed to dribble chocolate sauce down her light blue jumper…

All in all a good day. I had visions of sitting in mile-long tailbacks for hours on end, but as we were away from most of the tourist traps we largely avoided such misery. Why DO people do it?


I wonder if Dire Straits would have been as famous if they had called their song that… Value for money, and the chicks are free… and entirely different proposition.

Thanks to all for some wonderful suggestions on how to spend &10. Ohh and I see some people have posted similar on their website, have I FINALLY started a meme? Is that all it takes?! Yay. Feel free to pilfer, it’s all free anyway (but be nice and link back!).

[cue man in shed from The Fast Show]

This week I will mostly be posting silly things as there ain’t much going on with me at the moment*.

Now, this has never really stemmed the flow of my bloggings (although I hear you can get a cream that will clear up the associated rash) and so whilst I would love to be able to predict what I’ll be rambling on about all I can say is, as ever, turn up and see. Nowt new there, eh?!

Ohh how rude of me, did you all have a good weekend. Bit damp in Scotland yesterday but we still managed a BBQ on Saturday. A good traditional Scottish BBQ. Cook outside, eat inside. Ohh and of course you have to cook the last few pieces of butchered cow whilst juggling your beer in one hand and an umbrella in the other. It’s tradition!

How was YOUR weekend?

* not strictly true of course, but it’s mainly work stuff. Ohh and the small matter of my wife’s birthday on Thursday.


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Whilst I’ll resist the temptation for name calling (in case it’s a genuine interest and not a perversion) someone is taking some interest in the lingerie aspect of my BBQ recap.

First she asks:

“You could at least tell us the results of the lingerie survey. Inquiring minds want to know”.

And then upon being told that the results were polled from only three guys she complains:

“That’s not very helpful. (Please organize a larger sample size next time)”

I have to agree. But when does a discussion amongst inebriated friends become a poll? When it’s ajar… er… hang on, that’s not right. Anyway, I started to ponder the idea, but there is a catch. Where oh where could I get a larger sample size? Hmmm, I wonder…

Oh, hello there!

So in the name of research (could I get a grant for this?) I’ll throw the comments open to you all. Ladies and gentlemen, what colour of lingerie do YOU prefer?

Note: I’m leaving the “larger sample size” intact, make your own filthy innuendos. I’m also leaving the WHY you prefer it to your goodselves.

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Cripes I almost forgot to mention the BBQ on Saturday. What to say, what to say.

Well for one the weather did it’s best to help, only a light drizzle later in the afternoon, by which time we were too sozzled to care, the food was fab as ever, I had a lovely big tuna steak, and the beer and cocktails flowed.

Arrived at our hosts at around 3pm and very quickly the conversation descended to it’s usual level, with the colour of lingerie the men preferred and whether their preference influenced the choice of their respective wives being a particular thread that sticks in my mind (alas the ladies weren’t QUITE drunk enough to model any for us). Louise started out on vodka cocktails and got quite drunk, she’s normally reasonable controlled when she drinks, and never SEEMS that drunk but she was really relaxed and enjoying herself. Thankfully she didn’t fall over but did come close a couple of times!

Fleeces were donned as the sun went down (this is part of the tradition now), but we were all nicely toasted and sat out for the rest of the night. Home at about 12.30 after a great day with some good friends that we don’t spend time with often enough (despite the fact most of us work together!).

Of course there are many snippets and stories I could tell, but I’m a gentlemen so I won’t. Yet.

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