I was just about to go back and edit a mistake in the June 22nd entry. I managed to omit the fact that it was my beautiful and wonderful Louise’s birthday (she probably hates being 21 again by now… surely…). But now I need to be honest, and anyway, she’s already seen that I missed it… dog house again.

Excellent weekend – Friday night – beer, dinner, beer beer beer. Mainly focussed around the beer garden and the first time Louise had met some of my work colleagues. Yes I was slightly apprehensive, but they all behaved themselves, well as much as usual anyway!

Saturday – Glasgow, shopping, lunch, shopping, then round to S & A’s for beer, pizza, chat, beer, chat, beer, chat.

Sunday – in-laws for BBQ (No beer though, I was driving…).

Now home. Work starts tomorrow (again). Tired. Bed. Night all!