Thanking myself

Reading time: 4 mins It feels a bit like I’ve dropped through a trapdoor into a different world. Or I’m that guy in a movie, standing still in the middle of a busy street, the world moving around me in a fast forward blur. From detached to detached, pole to pole, I have walked. Finding my way and working […]

Six by Nico: Route 66

Reading time: 5 mins I’ll admit the temptation to start this review with some Americanisms (yeeehaw!) was strong, as this time around, Nico is taking us on a journey along a (fictitious) Route 66, the iconic American highway. But no, I’ll refrain as I think it’s best to let the food do the talking and whilst it may have […]

Less is still less

Reading time: 2 mins I’ve recently donated a few books and some clothes to charity, sold a couple of no longer used items on Gumtree, and all because I bought a new water bottle to use at work; a 1 litre Camelbak Chute (yes the type of water bottle is important in this context, or at least, the design […]

Do something new

Reading time: 3 mins It’s a slow slow process, changing your behaviours. Especially given that I’ve honed mine with decades of practice, all driven by a set of internal rules that have governed every waking second since I was a child. It takes time, but it is happening. Slowly. A lot of the focus of my counselling has been […]

A week off

Reading time: 4 mins (aka a wee cough) With 10 weeks of BootCamp behind me, I was looking forward to changing up my exercise routine, trying some of the other classes at the gym, and getting out on my bike ahead of this years Pedal for Scotland. Mostly though, I was just chuffed that I had stumbled into what […]

TRNSMT Festival : Radiohead

Reading time: 3 mins Last Friday I took a day off work to go and walk about Glasgow Green, on the opening day of the inaugural year of TRNSMT Festival. And no, I don’t know why they don’t like vowels. The festival ran the entire weekend – with Kasabian and Biffy Clyro the headliners on Saturday and Sunday respectively […]