11 years

Without wanting to have you all reaching for the sick buckets, I do want to take a moment to confirm to the world that I am married to the most beautiful, caring, sexy woman in the world. She makes me laugh when I need it, she listens when I moan, she knows when to leave


Just lost my vzaar cherry for this item on eBay. Buy it! (or just marvel at the nasal qualities of my voice..)

apple uk tv shows

Fire up your iTunes Store, Apple have started selling episodes of TV shows. All your favourite stuff from US TV that you've... umm.. already downloaded and watched because why SHOULD we wait until it airs on UK TV?! Idiots. This does not stop piracy. When WILL they learn.

On being global

Apparently I am a global citizen, indeed we are all global citizens these days. OK, so my current train of thought is heading down the route largely blazed by Naomi Klein in her book No Logo. Large companies like, say, Starbucks, are able to push smaller local competitors out of business. Which is true and

fudging GTD

Getting Things Written proves that the principles of GTD are fine but, and this is likely for many, can be hacked/fudged to meet your own needs.

Clear yer cache

Please do not adjust your set, and please forgive any further tweaks as we go along. The non-feed readers know what I'm talking about, the rest of you leeches are stuck wondering what this is all about, well, never fear, just click here! Yeah, I've spruced up here. And here. Here as well. Ohh and

On baking and Harry Potter

A nothing weekend started with a wonderful meal on Friday night, courtesy of my parents. Well they didn't cook it, but they did pay. If you are ever near Bothwell, I thoroughly and highly recommend The Grapevine. Has yet to fail us. Saturday morning started early, with plans of heading into Glasgow to see just

Do you RSS?

Over the past year or so, as I've started to struggle to keep up-to-date with the multitude of websites that interest me, I've increasingly turned to RSS feeds to help me manage the load. With that in mind, I've been compiling a list of Technical Communications feeds that I find interesting. Some are by Technical

KVM Recommendations

More techy questions, I wonder if I'll ever have the perfect setup? Anyway, I have, as I may have mentioned, a MacBook. It's a wonderful little laptop but the screen is quite small and I do find that I miss having a mouse. The obvious answer is to plugin a mouse, and hook up the

Writing is hard

Most of you probably know, by now, that my day job is writing software documentation. Actually it's a hell of a lot more than that but that's a discussion for another place, which nicely brings me round to my topic du jour. I've been blogging for so long now that I easily slip between "work"

Recently Read

I'm not sure if this is lazy blogging, or a useful feature but here, again, are a few of the articles and blog posts that caught my eye over the past week. Audrey Carr on Design Briefs ~ "After a series of small projects involving undefined requirements, fuzzy objectives, and an aparent lack of truly