1. Yup it is a bit crap, but technically the screens are different, the LCD can’t bounce the light back at the gun like a CRT can..

  2. Sorry been meaning to come over and comment for 3 days now.

    Thanks very much for using the service. After knowing you for years, I never quite thought you would sound the way you did. My internal Gordon voice was quite different. Odd putting sound to a person you know, but haven’t met.

    Quite annoyed I’m not going to be able to make it to the Glasgow eBay University, as I was planning on giving you a shout.

    Glad you used my ‘baby’ and hope it was relatively quick and easy for you.

  3. Your baby was pretty straightforward, although the ‘creating a listing’ was a little (very slightly) confusing… and I ended up doublechecking the listing on eBay afterwards anyway. Not sure if there is an answer to that.

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