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Your sales patter is so good that I almost wish I had a Playstation. Almost.

How come they don’t work with an LCD tv? That’s a bit crap isn’t it?

Yup it is a bit crap, but technically the screens are different, the LCD can’t bounce the light back at the gun like a CRT can..

Sorry been meaning to come over and comment for 3 days now.

Thanks very much for using the service. After knowing you for years, I never quite thought you would sound the way you did. My internal Gordon voice was quite different. Odd putting sound to a person you know, but haven’t met.

Quite annoyed I’m not going to be able to make it to the Glasgow eBay University, as I was planning on giving you a shout.

Glad you used my ‘baby’ and hope it was relatively quick and easy for you.

Your baby was pretty straightforward, although the ‘creating a listing’ was a little (very slightly) confusing… and I ended up doublechecking the listing on eBay afterwards anyway. Not sure if there is an answer to that.

Will be working on that.

Actually am working on everything. There just happens to be budget of x and desire of y>x so the list is long.

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