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Without wanting to have you all reaching for the sick buckets, I do want to take a moment to confirm to the world that I am married to the most beautiful, caring, sexy woman in the world.

She makes me laugh when I need it, she listens when I moan, she knows when to leave me alone and when to start baking. She is my best friend, my companion, my centre. She is everything, she is home.

But she knows all that. I tell her almost every day.

11 years ago today I was standing in a room full of friends and family, slightly nervous, and slightly unsure of what the day would hold. That much I remember. The rest of the day is a blur, but if I concentrate hard enough I can recall snippets of conversations, dances, and speeches. Memories flood back, a happy day.

I can’t remember if Louise said “I do” or “I will” or “Ohhh I s’pos..”, all I know is that she agreed and made me, then and now, the happiest man in the world.

Happy Anniversary darling, I love you.

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Nine years is a long time. Not as long as ten, as short as four or as “itchy” as seven, but it’s a nice length of time.

After nine years you know a person pretty well. You know when she’s mad, you know when she’s happy, you know when you should stop being cheeky, and when a quick wink will make her day. You know how to pamper her, you know exactly how she likes her tea, you know what makes her smile.

You know that she’ll always think of others first. You know that she likes getting up early on a Saturday morning to get the washing done. You know that she ALWAYS gags when brushing her teeth. You know that she prefers doughnuts to chocolate, red wine to champagne. You know that she’ll always be there, just as you know that you can’t imagine being anywhere else.

So, to my darling wife from the silly man you’ve spent the last nine years with, Happy Anniversary.

Personal Musings

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35 years ago my parents stood before friends and family and said “I do”.

35 years on and if you ask either one if they still love each other, they’ll say the same thing.

Now, apparently:

traditional 35th wedding anniversary gifts have a theme of Coral, whereas a contemporary or modern 35th anniversary gift has a theme of Jade. This Wedding Anniversary does not have any Flowers or Gemstones associated with it.
via anniversary.co.uk

So, the reason it’s been so quiet here is because I’ve had to nip off to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to get some coral…

Still, it’s a thought ain’t it. 35 years. I only lasted 20 or so at my parents house, not sure how they’ve put up with each other for that long… guess they must love each other or something… 😉

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