11 years

Reading time: < 1 min Without wanting to have you all reaching for the sick buckets, I do want to take a moment to confirm to the world that I am married to the most beautiful, caring, sexy woman in the world. She makes me laugh when I need it, she listens when I moan, she knows when to leave […]

Nine Years

Reading time: < 1 min Nine years is a long time. Not as long as ten, as short as four or as “itchy” as seven, but it’s a nice length of time. After nine years you know a person pretty well. You know when she’s mad, you know when she’s happy, you know when you should stop being cheeky, and […]

Happy Anniversary

Reading time: < 1 min 35 years ago my parents stood before friends and family and said “I do”. 35 years on and if you ask either one if they still love each other, they’ll say the same thing. Now, apparently: traditional 35th wedding anniversary gifts have a theme of Coral, whereas a contemporary or modern 35th anniversary gift has […]