My response

What did I do? So far I've had a variety of suggestions, and so far I can confirm that each and every single one of them skipped through my mind. I could ask him politely and hope he, with a certain amount of embarassment, would take his feet off the seat and apologise for his


Last night on the train on the way home, as I settled down with book in hand, a couple sat down across from me. They were a similar age to me, reasonably well presented, and engaged in quiet whispers. At first I took them for a new couple, still at that stage of exploration where

Less Important

Safe in the knowledge that she probably won't read this (I'm joking!), I thought I'd take something Clare mentioned a while back and see where it lead me. She recently said: "... come on, admit it, you are a bit full of yourselves sometimes, aren't you? And you do go on at great length about

Supermarket Sweep

Apparently the lovely Shauny got some flack over a recent post featuring some of the.. ahem.. delicacies available in Scottish supermarkets. One commenter —and to be fair to the rest of the lovely people who commented, it does seem to have been only one or two naysayers... always the way, isn't it— even goes so


... I will mostly be meeting met "BritBlog" Mark (he's organising a blogmeet dahn sarf by the way). It was Be good to finally meet him having exchanged so many, and some heated, emails in the past year or so. We chatted about this and that but mainly, obviously, the plans for the merger of


This weekend we have mostly been: Visiting garden centres and buying plants (4 for £10!) Cutting grass, planting plants, weeding etc etc Trying not to remember Saturday would have been Louise's Mum's birthday Eating a delicious Thai curry - made from scratch by my talented wife Watching Spirited Away - wonderfully animated, imaginative and totally


Money for old rope? Or is it possible to blog full-time? Last year Jason Kottke tried it, couldn't make it stick. Now John Gruber is heading down the same road. The reason I ask is that yesterday's somewhat tongue-in-cheek post seems to have... well not quite enraged but definitely "irked" a few people somewhat. I


Wow, that Paypal donation thing really works! Question is, what on earth am I going to spend 9p on?? It's a quandary of epic proportions... It would be very easy to get caught up in trying to figure out how much money this blog could POSSIBLY make... 1p a week, from 200 visitors... multiply by

Not deleted

The previous post is a prime example of both "How not to blog" and of a post that should never have seen the light of day in the first place. The fact that I haven't deleted it is a testament to my belief that... umm... you ... eehhh... shouldn't delete things? Whatever. Thanks for your

How not to blog

1. I was going to blog about the cheque I just put into the bank but that'll just lead to a moan about how skint we are (and will be for some time) and I can't be arsed with that. 2. I was going to blog about the holiday weekend but I didn't have any

The Office

Caught a glimpse of Martin Freeman on Parky on Saturday night. This was after watching "The Siege" the Denzel Washington, Annette Benning, Bruce Willis terrorist thriller that never got released (it's all about terrorist attacks in New York, and was filmed pre-9/11) —it's worth a watch actually, given the extra poignancy of some shots featuring

What's in a name?

Anyone who has been visiting this site for a while will know that I have a bit of an 'issue' with the identity. It's been through "snowgoon" to "something" to "gordonmclean.something" to "" to "informationally overloaded" (and I've probably missed a couple).. and I'm sure you will agree when I say that THE MADNESS MUST


I promised myself I'd limit this kind of post to a Friday only, so please just ignore Wednesday's post (it's full of woe anyway...). In fact so am I, being a Wednesday child. Explains a lot, doesn't it. Er... no. Not really. ~ Things wot I have learned to be effective #627: Don't tag people

Lunching with the diva

Of the pixel variety. Always good to meet a fellow blogger, and as we've "known" each other for several years (before she was a diva in fact) it was extra special to spend a pleasant lunch in the company of pixeldiva herself. We chatted about all sorts, as us eclectic bloggers are known to do,