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A new decade lies before us. And I have a resolution for this coming year (and goals for the next three). Let’s start with that resolution: I resolve to limit my time on social media. I acknowledge that I won’t ever be fully off-line but I’m determined to step away from the mindless scrolling and…


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The post is written in response to a prompt from Genre Scribes: Friday Fiction Writing Challenge #26 — Literature. “Please, just give it a quick read.” “Look, I’ve told you before it’s not going to happen, how many times do we have to tell you?” “Because the sign on the door says ‘Purveyors of fine…


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The post is written in response to a prompt from Genre Scribes: Friday Fiction Writing Challenge #25 — Charity. I had a good life, a steady job, family, kids, a nice home. No-one tells you how it’ll be, how the cold invades and never leaves, the background thrum from your gnawingly empty stomach. No-one tells…

Walking Dave

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Picture the scene. I’m sitting on the sofa watching TV. There is a small brindle dog lying next to me, gently snoring. At my feet a small black dog lies on a rug, knawing on a chew toy. He stops, stands up, and turns around to face me. He whines pathetically, his bottom lip petted….

In nature

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The air is cool as it moves around us. Under foot, crimson leaves lie fallen, their work done, and far above our heads the empty branches whisper in the wind. Decades of stories are whispered back and forth above our heads, as we stand below them, looking up as they sway and talk. On we…

The Lake Keeper

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I’m trying something new, I’ve dabbled with fiction here and there on this blog, and the recent November Blogging challenge made me realise that I enjoyed the freedom a simple prompt can bring. So, let’s see how it goes. The post is written in response to a prompt from Genre Scribes: Friday Fiction Writing Challenge…

The Blip

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I’m standing in the room. It’s a room I’ve heard described by many others but here I am, finally. I can’t quite believe what’s happening, it feels surreal, like I’m still in a dream, which is oddly apt I suppose. The message was waiting for me when I woke, as I rose from my bed…

Deck the halls

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It is December, let the festive season begin! There are many parts of this time of year that I enjoy, the sparkly lights that make the darkness a little more bearable, the abundance of hot chocolate options, stodgy foods, and the fact that for many of us it’s a holiday and a chance to have…

November challenges

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November is over and I no longer need to write a new post every day. It’s finished, done, finito. Looking back at what I’ve published and there are some posts in there that I’m pretty proud of, and others that I’m well aware I cobbled together even though I didn’t really have the motivation. But…