I love Guinness, not mad keen on the after effects of 10 pints of the stuff mind you. Twas a good night last night, a couple of drinks after work ended up being several with Louise joining me in Glasgow and our mate Stuart coming out to play as well. A few beers, some Nasi


In the market for a new mobile? I strongly suggest you check out this offer.Pre-order the brand new SPV C500 Smartphone (due out a week on Monday) and get 100 mins cross network and 100 texts a month for £25, free connection, £75 cashback and the handset is FREE! Normally it would retail over the

New blog on the block

I don't do this often but I'm smitten already...Lazy Edinburgh Novelist is.. well exactly what is says on the tin, the blog of Edinburgh novelist Abigail Bosanko. In the Scottish Fiction section, there I was next to Christopher Brookmyre. Two copies of ‘Lazy Ways to Make a Living’ next to three copies of ‘Be My

More money stuff

Well it's payday. At last. Been a wee bit bad this month in some aspects (spent too much on... ohhh I dunno.. illuminated keyboards!) but overall it was a good month as we restructured things and are paying out less than we were before.Mortgage wise we'll be, paper-work pending, switching to a three year fixed

Easy Rider

He throws his leg over the saddle, composes himself, then pedals off, pulling out straight in front of me in the process. He weaves a little, I hold back to give him room. He veers into the middle of the road, wobbling. Coming the other way a pizza delivery scooter slows to make a right

Stationary ache

Working at home, as I am today, has a lot of advantages. The main one for me is concentration. I'm in almost complete control of my environment here and end up losing all track of time. Louise knows to phone me around 12.30 to make sure I stop for lunch (which I frequently miss when

Money matters

Awaiting two more quotes for the new boiler installation. Both from local companies, one of which Scottish Gas would've subcontracted anyway. Both of them have suggested the boiler can be placed in the loft with a remote control unit (wireless) sited anywhere we want. It felt much better dealing with the people who will actually

My new keyboard

My new keyboard UPDATE: OK and explanation. I had one of those big MS Office keyboards for a while but the damn thing was just too noisy. I work late into the night and the computer is in the spare room next to our bedroom. This keyboard has laptop style buttons, is much quieter and about


I'm useless at coming up with new 'buzz' terms as I prefer my English to be plain and simple and easy to read. That aside, his series of posts (articles?) on New Musical Functionality, finds me once again agreeing, to a point, with Mr. Tom Coates.If you have ANY digitised music, and any interest in


Will someone remind me to:Finish the redesigned redesign here, switching content order.Pay the overdue gas bill.Send off details to activate internet savings account (why I have to POST these is beyond me as I already have two verified accounts with the bank in question).Pay the council tax.Take a picture of my funky new keyboard.Get draft


If I was asked to offer one piece of advice, it'd be this: Life's too short.I'm not going to elaborate, but there is a bit of a tiff going on and ultimately my view is that agreeing to disagree may stick on your throat but if you know the argument will lead nowhere then.. well

Ant Weddings

Walking to the train station this evening I, and my fellow "must get home as quickly as possible so I'll be rude and barge past everyone" commuters, were accosted by swarms of flying ants. Swarms as in hundreds of the wee buggers, several of which made it onto our train.Luckily I didn't end up almost


A one-legged man in a wheelchair, asleep. A bottle of gin propped in his lap.A Hare Krishna being told to piss off when asking someone to smile.A large heavyset man, tattoos and scars in abundance, carrying a floral dress on a hanger.Hundreds of people like me, wandering lost in a city at lunchtime. Observing.I wonder


Last week a colleague decided to make his laptop a cup of tea. The laptop didn't like it (not enough milk I think) and threw a hissy fit* before going in the huff. He needed a laptop similar to his to take with him on a business trip this week and, as I was off

Fuck it

Lots to think and say. Lots to do. Things to mention, news to ponder, energy for none.I'm off to bed. At 9.35pm.