I love Guinness, not mad keen on the after effects of 10 pints of the stuff mind you. Twas a good night last night, a couple of drinks after work ended up being several with Louise joining me in Glasgow and our mate Stuart coming out to play as well. A few beers, some Nasi Goreng from Cafe Mao (we really MUST try somewhere else someday) and then back to Stuart’s to watch the BB eviction that he had recorded on his fancy schmancy Sky+ box (jealous? me?). Alan arrived shortly after us which was an added bonus as the poor dear is normally working, such are the perils of being a bar manager.

Tonight it’s Alex and Rebecca’s housewarming party which should be good. Here’s hoping Louise can rid herself of the cold which has reared it’s head again today – mind you getting in at 3a.m. probably didn’t help. In saying that I’m still decidedly fuzzy myself, and I’ve just noticed a tickle in the back of my throat.