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Completely missed St.Andrews day. But then we don’t get a public holiday to mark the occasion of our national saint.

Also missed the vote for our “national bird” (I did suggest Kirsty Wark but seemingly they didn’t mean that kind of ‘burd’), with the fiery little Robin coming out tops, beating the lesser seen Golden Eagle into second place. I’m convinced that if more people HAD seen a Golden Eagle in real life it would have triumphed. It is a soaring majesty of a bird, much larger than anything else that shares it’s skies.

Still, what better way to celebrate the passing of time into the month that holds Christmas than to select a bird that will soon be adorning several thousand dead trees. I wonder what Robin thinks of it all?

In other news: I currently have two items for sale on eBay. My old SPV mobile phone and a Bluetooth headset.

And for Firefox users, if you’ve installed any of the extensions I’ve previously mentioned, check for a little green arrow in the top right of the window. Some of them have been updated. Click the arrow and Firefox will download the updates you want and install them for you. Brilliant.

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In the market for a new mobile? I strongly suggest you check out this offer.

Pre-order the brand new SPV C500 Smartphone (due out a week on Monday) and get 100 mins cross network and 100 texts a month for £25, free connection, £75 cashback and the handset is FREE! Normally it would retail over the £100 mark. I’ve loved every minute (almost) of my SPV so I can’t wait to get my hands on this little beauty.

This is the best offer, for any type of mobile, I’ve seen for ages. What’s the snag? You gotta pre-order it today. You also have to take a new contract which, if you are on Orange already, means a new phone number (you can’t port the number as Orange would then treat it as an upgrade and charge for the handset… buggers..) but I can live with that.

Roll on the 8th August.

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1. The arrival of my new SPV phone
2. A simple thank you received this morning
3. The arrival of my new SPV phone
4. The taxi blasting out YMCA
5. The arrival of my new SPV phone
6. And loads of other things not related to my new SPV phone.

What makes you smile?

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My contract is up so it is new mobile phone time methinks… But which one?

Tariff has to be cross network, phone must have gadgets. Currently I’m heading towards the Orange SPV (my mate has one and it is very smart aside from the fact it is running on an MS OS… blue screen of death on a mobile? urgh…) Either that or the new Nokia 7250.

So let’s compare:
SPV – Add-on camera thingy, includes sync capabliity with Outlook (handy for to-do lists and calendar appointments), and MP3 player – takes a MMD card so is expandable…
7250 – Integrated camera, radio, and being Nokia I’ll have it up and running in all of 30 secs.

Ohh who am I kidding, it’ll be the SPV (providing I can still get one for free…). Back to Orange then, ahhh memories of my old nk502 ‘banana phone’ my first ever mobile.

[ Updated so as not to confuse poor old Lyle 😉 ]

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