In the market for a new mobile? I strongly suggest you check out this offer.

Pre-order the brand new SPV C500 Smartphone (due out a week on Monday) and get 100 mins cross network and 100 texts a month for £25, free connection, £75 cashback and the handset is FREE! Normally it would retail over the £100 mark. I’ve loved every minute (almost) of my SPV so I can’t wait to get my hands on this little beauty.

This is the best offer, for any type of mobile, I’ve seen for ages. What’s the snag? You gotta pre-order it today. You also have to take a new contract which, if you are on Orange already, means a new phone number (you can’t port the number as Orange would then treat it as an upgrade and charge for the handset… buggers..) but I can live with that.

Roll on the 8th August.