Autumnal Musings

Working from home today to allow me the option to go and stand over a bank manager to MAKE him process our new mortgage application in time. This should save me having to make a payment to both the old mortgage AND the new one this month (if that happens I'll be offline for the

Life out of Balance

Koyaanisqatsi - borrowed from a friend, watched last week."If we dig precious things from the land, we will invite disaster. Near the Day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky. A container of ashes might one day be thrown from the sky, which could burn the land and boil

Mister Sandman

tee hee, heh... teee hheeee.... hehee....Ohhh how she laughed. Well it was more of a giggle to be honest, a muted little murmuring. I wasn't even sure what she was laughing at...I have a routine, some would say ritual, when I'm in bed trying to get to sleep. Lying on my right side, in an

Growing Pains

Is it just me? God, I hope it isn't, I THINK it isn't. But what if it is? I'm gonna sound daft....How old do you feel? I know that no-one really feels the age they are, most people being 'stuck' somewhere in their mid-twenties; personally I'm still 23. I have no earthly idea why that

Still Water

OK, not gone to bed yet, just downloading some photos off the camera, taken on Friday morning last week. It was a lovely morning, don't you think?

Three days

Back to work tomorrow after a fairly productive day today. Fireplace is 3/4 done. Should get it finished either tomorrow or Wednesday evening.Mind you I've got a long weekend coming up so might leave it for then.Anyway, not even sure why I'm sitting here as the two bottles of Ruby Cabernet are telling me I


How on EARTH did it get to 8.30pm on a Sunday night so quickly? Lemme see...Saturday morning, in Glasgow by 9.30, breakfast, then haberdashery, Debenhams, Toys R Us, Asda, Dumbarton. Lunch in the Abbotsford. Check holiday details with sister-in-law, get mortgage papers signed and witnessed. Meet up with my parents. Out for dinner to new

Igniting the Web

UPDATE: All of the extensions have been checked and are compatible with Firefox 1.0.Thanks to Adrian and Thom for some additional suggestions. I've recently introduced a couple of people to the Firefox browser. I have to admit to getting quite a buzz watching their faces light up as you show them the basic features (efficient

Don't go to hell

Was it fate or coincidence that happened to choose Cake's 'Fashion Nugget' album to play after I listened to Pete's album? Either way it seemed apt. Vocally Pete's voice is a mix of Edwyn Collins, David Bowie and.. well someone else I'm sure. Sounds wise I think Cake and the Coral are the first names

WATCH this space

Long term readers may recall that I love my watch. It's Danish design excellence AND it tells the time. What more could a man want?Well.. this Suunto watch might go on the list. I HAVE mentioned when my birthday is... haven't I?

Red Eye

A few Guinness last night + a day of reviewing specifications and whitepapers = bleary eyed Gordon.Fuzzy recollections of last night; viewing a lingerie fashion show through the side door of Frasers... hmmmStill I have the consolation of being able to listen to Pete's album Get to the Next Screen as I trudge through my

Blunken Drogging

Dinner was OK, company was better than food, for eating. Not company eating. Food eating. Company never pay for eating. I mean Company not company.Nervous now. Never blogen drunken.Guinness too easy. Me too drunk, sad after only few pints but lightweight now so can't complain, hope I don't 'have hanfover in morening. Ohh dear. too

Taxi for the duck

I don't mention him often, but there IS a reason he won the bloody prize ya know.Scary, in Bryson-esque form, blogs about taxis. Top stuff. Go read it.Now. Go on. It's better than any of the tripe you'll get from me today!

By the friends you keep

Dinner at the Salty Dog this evening means I'll miss seeing my 'Aunt' Doris who is over from Canada (she's a school friend of my Mum, that kind of Aunt).Stag Day on 16th October means I'll be hungover on my birthday (it's a "clay pigeon, quad biking, paintballing day, beers and lapdances at night" kinda


OK, I've got Azureus. I've found I've selected a couple of files but now what?Previously, with eMule, I just shared a folder, is it different for BitTorrent? Where's the manual!!