Reading time: 2 mins Iโ€™m still not sure how I feel about going and standing in a busy venue, next to hundreds of other people, especially given the current (re-?)rise of COVID instances but given how many gigs I had booked that got rescheduled thanks to the pandemic, itโ€™s something I need to figure out. I have some time […]

Welcoming Jack

Reading time: 2 mins Hello Jack, my son, You arrived early, but safely, and the last few weeks we’ve been getting to know you, figuring out your needs and wants, and mostly just gazing at you in utter adoration. You seem to be settling into life well, and I think your Mum and I are doing a pretty good […]

NOT more to life than this

Reading time: 3 mins At present, I really only have three topics of conversation. 1. The dogs.2. The baby.3. Cycling. And no, they aren’t in a specific order. Of course, there is more to life than those three things (apparently?) – those on my Instagram can attest that I’m still treating myself well with delicious foodstuffs if nothing else […]

Congratulations to me

Reading time: 3 mins I’ve never been very good at praising myself. Achievements don’t land, or sit, for very long. It’s something I’ve learned the hard way, and whilst my tendency to just brush things off once I’ve done them is my default so in an effort combat that I’m just going to say this. Well done me! Yesterday […]

Becoming Dad

Reading time: 2 mins Nope. Even writing that title seems weird. I’m not ‘Dad’. Not yet. But soon and I guess I’m already starting to feel paternal, I guess this is common for most parents to be with a baby arriving in 2 months, I guess we all go through these same thoughts. Hopes that the baby will be […]

Thoughts from my sickbed

Reading time: 2 mins I’m on the mend but last week saw me struggle with some food poisoning/a tummy bug that left me in bed from Friday evening through to this morning. A few slices of toast, some isotonic drinks, were all I could stomach. I slept a lot too, as I am prone to do when ill, but […]