Cottier's Restaurant

Saturday night saw us out for a nice meal. It was a better meal than the one we had 12 years ago but the premise was the same. We decided to head into Glasgow, so if the mood took us we could have a few drinks afterwards, however after a leisurely and delicious dinner we

Thoughts on Interviewing

Several years ago I attended a management training course. It was largely a series of scenarios throughout which you had to apply the rules of the particular branch of management methodology to which we had ascribed. It's been a long time since I revisited those rules but by and large I've adapted them to match

Some shops are evil

Tomorrow I am going into a city called Glasgow. Once there I will likely partake of a coffee from an American outlet known as Starbucks, and most likely wander around a variety of shops trying not to spend money (hey, I'm Scottish, shut up). This activity is known as shopping. The key purpose of shopping

New eyes

Hiring new staff is fraught, and rightly so, as it's likely to be the biggest 'purchase' you make for your company. I've conducted enough interviews that I'm fairly comfortable with the process, and have a good feel for when to press for more information and when to sit back and let the candidate sell themselves.

Arriving moments

As I stood waiting on my niece to walk through the sliding doors, I took in the scenes unfolding around me, a quiet bystander of life. Around me people stood quietly waiting, tentative, excitedly patient, tensing with each noise, each footstep and the rolling trundle of baggage trolleys. Strange languages on either side couldn't mask

Don’t be the secretary

I'm about to head into a two day, brainstorming style, workshop. I was invited along as there will be a lot of useful information flying around, and it's the beginning of a new stream of work. I will spend the next two days with the people who know most about our product and have already

Can't Blog, Won't Blog

I should write up my thoughts on the Olympics as they are now over. I should mention that I managed a 15 minute jog this morning. I could write something about the cat. I could write something about my sister's engagement (party next week). I could write about the Wii Fit we were given as

The post with no title*

I was working at home yesterday as our car decided it was bored with it's old brakepads and would quite like new ones please, and no it wouldn't stop making that horrid grinding noise (which meant new rear discs as well, ouch). I also had another physio session, more ultrasound and another lung-busting, leg shredding

Modest Mentoring

Scott Nesbitt over at DMN Communications recently posted about mentoring and yes, I am quite flattered that I am mentioned... I have been a team lead/manager at three different companies, cutting my teeth the first time as the youngest and most inexperienced member of the team at Dr. Solomon's (the anti-virus people, bought by McAfee)

A night in Edinburgh

For the past few years my mate Keith has worked in Edinburgh producing the lighting for the Military Tattoo. I've never managed to get across to see him, or any of the Edinburgh Festival before, until yesterday. He gets accommodation for the few weeks he is there, and as luck would have it there was

Private Private

Continuing the terrible titles, this is a take on Catch-22, for no particular reason other than being able to play on the word "private". Think yourselfs lucky I didn't choose the schoolboy route and go with "Show us yer privates". Oddly the only reason I'm writing about this is because Twitter is currently dead, if

Why technical reviews fail

It's a common topic, an oft repeated complaint, and one which has already had many many lines of advice written, and countless suggestions offered. So here's a new slant. The reason most technical reviews fail is because of the writer, not the reviewer. It's not because the reviewers couldn't find the time, it's not because

Why you should watch the Olympics

One reason I like the Olympics, especially now the BBC red button is so heavily used for additional coverage is the.. er.. additional coverage that all the sports receive. So far I've watched a little basketball, fencing, archery, canoe slalom, badminton, weightlifting, boxing, cycling, swimming, and diving. That's all before the athletics have started. I've