The Other Side

Reading time: 4 mins I have a long rambling post drafted that I can’t seem to finish, mostly because it’s long and rambling and has no real focus, very much a stream of consciousness style waffling which, rightly, hasn’t been shared with the world. That post is mostly me trying to capture my thoughts as we enter week whatever […]


Reading time: 2 mins Rumour has it that, a few years back, a young man was brutally killed and a few days later came back to life. There’s something about a big rock being rolled about too, hence why all over the country people are over-spending and over-indulging in chocolate eggs. Ohh and there is a magical bunny but […]


Reading time: 3 mins I’ve tried many times to build a routine, and it’s usually been about improving my health. You know the type of thing, the grand plans to become a ‘morning person’ and rise at 6am to go to the gym before work. Part of my aims for this year had me pondering such things and I […]

The Recap: March 2020

Reading time: 2 mins Safe to say that March will be memorable for one thing and one thing only. Coronavirus and lockdown. It’s meant adjusting routines, and whilst I’m working the hours are dropping. We remain in good spirits though and if nothing else it’s given me time to crack on with some other things, including a revisit of […]