Reading time: < 1 min This post is written in response to a prompt from Genre Scribes: Friday Fiction Writing Challenge #35 β€” Bronze. We all laughed as we watched the episode of a long forgotten television show. It seemed like such a silly notion, to everyone else at least, that someone would colour themselves that way. But not to […]

Tracking my aims

Reading time: 4 mins tldr; I set myself some aims at the start of the year and, by and large, I’ve been mostly successful at sticking to them. Yay! I wrote a few weeks ago about some aims I had for the coming months, all of which were built from one core resolution, and I’m happy to say that […]


Reading time: < 1 min The post is written in response to a prompt fromΒ Genre Scribes: Friday Fiction Writing Challenge #34 β€” Celebration. The radio breaks their early morning silence as they drive. “Next up, Kool & The Gang wi…” the announcer is cutoff as the ignition is killed. They step out of the car and pause to savour the […]

Progress update

Reading time: < 1 min At the start of the year I set out some aims for myself and, in the spirit of accountability, here’s how I’m doing with each. Writing – Write in my journal every day Progress – I have written in my journal everyday for the past 45 days! What’s next? – Get back into writing short […]

Why explore?

Reading time: 6 mins The full moon glowed, peeking out from behind the racing clouds. Glimpsed through the dark winter branches the surface, in all its mysterious pockmarked glory, seemed visceral, a small step away, a gentle leap into the night sky. As the clouds parted, glittering stars appeared, transporting me to places at the edge of imagination, beyond […]