Weekend Reading

Reading time: 5 mins Hanami Is Japan’s Annual Obsession with Cherry Blossoms There are a lot of places to be curious about, so we started a Curiosity Travel Instagram. Where will your curiosity take you? Follow us! The blooming of Japan’s cherry blossoms is not only a delightful welcoming of springtime โ€” it’s a national obsession. Bucket list! To […]

Finding the glimmers

Reading time: 2 mins As a child of the 70s our future was bright, so bright we had to wear shades. It was full of rockets and space exploration as the buzz of the moon landing continued to pervade my childhood years, spurned on by Star Wars and the promise of galaxies far far away… It’s easy to question […]

Weekend Reading

Reading time: 6 mins Public Place Meditation Exercise Excited to share my all-time favorite thing to do on the subway, or other public transportation. Itโ€™s also one of the best empathy exercises Iโ€™ve thought of and really helps to remind me to feel the moments of love and pain we all go through. Tried this a few days this […]

No such thing as over sharing

Reading time: 5 mins I’ve only ever taken one shower with my clothes on. I was alone at the time and can still remember the sensations as my t-shirt started clinging to me, my jeans growing heavy and cold on my legs. I was drunk, had just thrown up then crawled into the bath and turned the shower tap […]

Weekend Reading

Reading time: 7 mins Africa is splitting into two after tear in Kenyaโ€™s Rift Valley [Video] After heavy rains and seismic activities on Monday, the earth has split open at Kenyaโ€™s Rift Valley leaving a huge tear that is more than 50 feet deep and more than 50 feet wide weaving through the arable land in Narok County. And […]

Podcast: Distraction Pieces

Reading time: < 1 min Hosted by Scroobius Pip, this weekly podcast is always, ALWAYS, interesting. Not only because the host is a smart guy but because he manages to put his guests at ease no matter how dark or deep the topic. He’s as adept at bringing out moments of humour and humanity as he is treading the fine […]