Less less less

I don't set resolutions but I always end up with some, this year is turning out no different. Last year the theme seemed to become 'be healthier'. Whether that was in body (eating healthier, trying to get more exercise) or in mind (avoiding 'drama' wherever possible) it seemed to work. That theme remains for this


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And so he starts again, the silence punctuated by the staccato tap tap tap of the keyboard. He moves in his chair to find a comfortable pose and starts to ponder what he might write, what prose he may be able to dredge from his flaccid imagination. Prose indeed, he thinks. Another helping of scorn


I spent the weekend with some alternative friends. What a strange phrase that is, alternative to what? My regular friends? No, just a different grouping of people brought together by a different bond. Although I'd pause at saying some were friends, acquaintances perhaps? But that's beside the point. Just as my best friendships all stem


I breath in. I breath out. Acutely aware of the depth and length of my breathe as my chest rises and falls, the weight of my limbs on the bed, the nothingness of it all as I relax. Eyes closed, drifting, floating away into my subconscious, that eery half-world between dreams and reality is easily

Awake awake awake

I'm still not sure what triggers this insomnia, or even if it's triggered at all. I only know that I'm awake. I'm not complaining, I've had almost 6 hours sleep which is more than some people get I know, but it still irks me that these spells happen. I either wake for a couple of