Whilst I remember…

Reading time: 4 mins Did I mention we are off to Spain on Friday morning? Well, we are, and there are loads things still to do. Not all are related to going on holiday but the holiday has an impact on them all. 1. I’ve not even considered packing but then you do get rather blasé about it when […]


Reading time: < 1 min You SHOULD now be at www.onemanblogs.co.uk. I’m still working on a few things, namely the redirect stuff (trying to figure out how to get it to forward to a specific post rather than the top level domain, for incoming links). Dust should settle over coming days. Right – the main redirect is in place. PLEASE […]

Good Morning, Mr. Phelps

Reading time: 2 mins Your mission, Jim, should you choose to accept it. I need an alarm clock. To remind me to go to bed. No, seriously. Midnight creeps up on me, sneaks past and drags 1am with it all too often. It must stop. However, being a … geek/nerd/dork/saddo … I would like a nice solution to this […]

Moving Identities

Reading time: 2 mins Changes are afoot. I wonder why that is, why are they never “ahand” or “aknee”? Anyway, having received notice that I’m shortly due to renew my hosting account for this site, I’ve decided that now is probably a good a time as any to move my site. I’ve been reasonably pleased with 34sp in the […]


Reading time: 2 mins We had few plans for this weekend, which is fairly rare. However Sunday was my late mother-in-law’s birthday so we had already decided to go to Cashel where we have a tree planted in her memory. But before that we had a free Saturday and, after pottering about in the morning, we headed to Kelvingrove […]

Sticky smartness

Reading time: 4 mins It’s always the little things that you’ve never seen before that make you sit up and think “hey, that’s smart”. In my case a simple photo, used to provide context, was enough to trigger this, and it’s so simple an idea that I’m surprised that something similar isn’t in wider use. Read on, MacDuff, to […]