Changes are afoot. I wonder why that is, why are they never “ahand” or “aknee”?

Anyway, having received notice that I’m shortly due to renew my hosting account for this site, I’ve decided that now is probably a good a time as any to move my site. I’ve been reasonably pleased with 34sp in the past but having recently used other sites that are running WordPress (PostoftheWeek, One Man Writes), on other hosts I’ve noticed the improvements in speed, and in one case, price.

So, I’ve been quietly preparing to move this blog and implement a few other things whilst I’m at it, but I’m still not 100% sure on how to best implement things and as it’ll impact you, dearest reader, I thought I’d ask for your opinion(s).

Part of this is more to do with sorting out my online identity than about different URLs, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, I guess I just needed the push to do it.

Let me backtrack a little first.

As well as, I also have (already in place), and for the sheer hell of it I bought as well.

I bought the latter domain purely for the sake of completion, and with half a mind to redirect it to this site, but I guess in the back of my head I knew why I wanted to buy it but hadn’t really thought everything through…

Ultimately, the aim is to convert (where you are now) to an old-fashioned “homepage”, so if someone searches for me, they’ll land there first, rather than here in my blog. Yes, I know I should’ve thought of all of this a long time ago but I didn’t.

There is another option, although it’s not as clean, and that’s to move the main URL for this blog to a sub-directory e.g. “”, and just point at that directory.

Either way, whilst I WILL put some redirects in place for a short while, there will come a time when visiting “” will no longer bring you to this blog. So, I guess I have to ask the question, which would YOU prefer?

Technically the outcome makes little difference, as moving a blog to a sub-directory still requires me to redirect any incoming links (to old posts for example) to the new location. Mind you, I’ve still to read up on just HOW I handle that but I’ll cross that bridge when I can’t be bothered swimming across the river…

Me? Personally I favour the move to “”, but please don’t let that sway the voting.

And yes, I am aware this will cost me visitors, but I’m long past the “how many people” stage, preferring to measure my site’s success in terms of quality of comment rather than the number of random google searches which bring people here, and on that front I can happily confirm that you are all doing a bang up job as the quality of comment here remains very high, despite the best efforts of hans and my Mum…

So, without further ado:

Have at it!