You SHOULD now be at

I’m still working on a few things, namely the redirect stuff (trying to figure out how to get it to forward to a specific post rather than the top level domain, for incoming links).

Dust should settle over coming days.

Right – the main redirect is in place. PLEASE update your bookmarks and whatnot as the redirect is NOT permanent. I’ll leave it there for a month or so, I should catch all visitors that way.

Now I just need to figure out how to get the redirect stuff to work when someone links to a post. Any pointers would be appreciated!

eg. Automatically redirect from:

Catch is that I’m not sure mod_rewrite is enabled on 34sp… still checking though!

Now, what have I forgotten??


  1. Err… Yes. Yes I am at that address. And my feed-Reader was full of stories this morning, stories I’d already read. But that’s cool too.

  2. Ahh of course, I updated the Feedburner sources, so they’ll have republished. Sorry about that everyone.

    Redirect is sort of working, but I can’t quite get the redirect from a linked post to work.. it just brings you to the top level of the site..

    I don’t think mod_rewrite is enabled by 34sp, off to check now!

  3. What have you forgot:

    1. Coloured name for Mum
    2. Gordon Gordon Story
    3. Update on the ‘go to bed’ alarm as you dont have enough time in trhe day
    4. Petition for a 38 hour day
    5. Fragmented working ‘ 9-5’ or 6-9, 12-3, 6-9, 12-2 for IT workers, as ideas are not constrained by the traditional UK working day.
    6. Remember to pay for peerage
    7. Remember to pay tax post peerage

  4. have mod_rewrite on their business servers at least (I’m not using it on my personal hosting with them).

    Have you got a “RewriteEngine On” directive in your .htaccess?

    I guess if some of the redirecting is working the problem is just with your rewrite directives. I haven’t used “RedirectMatch” before, but surely you need to reuse part of the matching regular expression in the redirected URL? Something like:
    RedirectMatch 301 ^*)$$1

    You’d need a line for… too, although if the above works then you could replace the www with .* and just have the one line.

    Drop me an email if you want to bounce any more ideas about it around…

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