Moments of beauty

Reading time: < 1 min A few days I ago I mentioned finding the beauty in things and I had a perfect example this morning as I drove to work. A glorious view unfurled beneath me as I drove down the hill. As usual my camera was tucked away in my bag. Mind you I was on the motorway so […]

Getting to EXPERT

Reading time: 3 mins The gaps in your documentation aren’t there because you haven’t consider a particular level of user; the gaps in your documentation are there because you haven’t considered how one level of user becomes another. How DO you get from Beginner to Expert? The question above was prompted by a presentation I attend last week, given […]


Reading time: < 1 min What is it about these things, these events in life that all seem to collide. Days go by with only the merest ripple distorting the norm then … BLAMMO! … For example, take tomorrow. I need to be in the office to deliver a presentation as part of our induction and the kitchen fitters are […]

Why having a cat is good…

Reading time: < 1 min Too busy to blog? Just show a picture of your “far too cute for his own good” cat. Simple. (he’s sitting in the unfinished kitchen, BEFORE we ripped out the final set of units behind him)

Explorer showing multiple desktops?

Reading time: < 1 min Windows XP has a bug in it, one that has bugged me for ages but is under the “can be tolerated” category. I’ve looked for a fix before but couldn’t find anything, mainly because it’s hard to describe within search terms (note to Google: how about searches based on uploaded screenshots??). The problem occurs when […]

Recently Read

Reading time: 2 mins Been a while since I did one of these and, as ever, they reflect some of the things that have caught my eye over the past week or so. A couple of things on DITA which have me rethinking my approach towards it, and a some links to posts discussing … welll community, social media, […]