Explorer showing multiple desktops?

Reading time: < 1 min Windows XP has a bug in it, one that has bugged me for ages but is under the “can be tolerated” category. I’ve looked for a fix before but couldn’t find anything, mainly because it’s hard to describe within search terms (note to Google: how about searches based on uploaded screenshots??). The problem occurs when […]

All change!

Reading time: 2 mins So, there are a few things around here that are still a bit.. erm.. broken. In the spirit of transparency, and in case I’ve missed anything that you’ve spotted, here is everything that will be fixed or changed in the coming week, fortnight.. month? Archive page – this will be slightly different from the previous […]

Firefox Extensions Revisited

Reading time: 3 mins Been a while since I waffled on about Firefox, but with 2.0 in Alpha (no I’ve not tried it yet, and I’d suggest you leave it well alone too) I thought it might be a good time to look at the current extensions I’m using. I’ve tried many different extensions but have pared things down […]

Empty Recycle Bin

Reading time: 2 mins Excuse me, but I really need to get all this stuff out of my head. Hot feet – every morning when I come into work I follow the same routine. Turn on the PC, login to email, scan the subject lines and then grab a coffee. Every morning I end up feeling too hot and […]

Wood for trees

Reading time: < 1 min Despite having far too many draft posts lying unfinished, and with my focus still elsewhere – finishing a long overdue website, writing up design thoughts for another, battling the demons of IE box model hacks, not to mention that thing that pays the bills – I find myself casting around for something to write about. […]

Grayscale this

Reading time: < 1 min One for the Lazyweb methinks. Is there an EASY (non-coder) way to make all images that appear in a DIV, grayscale? PHP is the preferred langauge and you can presume access to the GD Library is available on the server. Note: I’m aware that IE users can utilise CSS for this but that’s not what […]