What is it about these things, these events in life that all seem to collide. Days go by with only the merest ripple distorting the norm then … BLAMMO! …

For example, take tomorrow. I need to be in the office to deliver a presentation as part of our induction and the kitchen fitters are due to, finally, start work. I’ve also got an appointment with the nurse to get my blood pressure taken.

I’d figured out the timings, I’d wait until the kitchen fitters arrived and then head to work. The presentation is right after lunch, so I’d give that then head off to the local health centre, then home to see how the fitters are doing.

Except they won’t be here until midday apparently, which fucks up everything. I can’t NOT be in work tomorrow but can’t wait here until midday… so Louise is taking the day off.

It’s never simple, is it?

Mind you, fate sometimes helps. I’ve managed to bork the search page on my other blog, so when I heard WordPress 2.5 was out I figured I may as well grab it and get upgraded. So I have. Both blogs are now on 2.5 and the upgrade was super smooth and whilst I’ve not had much time to play with it, the new admin screens aren’t too bad.

Fate, sometimes it gives you a helping hand, sometimes it’s like a steel-toecapped boot to your knackers. Such is life.

In other news, isn’t the new R.E.M. album good! They’ve rediscovered loud rockin’ guitars, wheeeee.

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I’m so sorry that they’re still messing you around! Just TRY to keep in mind that this situation is only temporary, you WILL have a new kitchen. When it is all installed, this will seem like a bad dream.

I’m glossing over the fact that SOMEONE joked about them not turning up at all! Ahem!!!

It could still happen…

I’ve seen it before – “We’re running late on what we’re doing this morning, so won’t get there ’til at least 2, so we won’t turn up now til tomorrow – couple of hours, hardly worth it, is it?” and all that.

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