Windows XP has a bug in it, one that has bugged me for ages but is under the “can be tolerated” category. I’ve looked for a fix before but couldn’t find anything, mainly because it’s hard to describe within search terms (note to Google: how about searches based on uploaded screenshots??).

The problem occurs when you open Windows Explorer and start browsing folders. The tree on the left starts to show additional items named “Desktop” but, when you click on them they are actually items that are on your Desktop.. it’s a little weird and after a while you can end up with multiple “Desktops items at the top (and middle) of the tree on the left.

This will only happen if you have the “Desktop” Toolbar added to your taskbar. (Right-click the big blue bar, select Toolbars and you’ll see “Desktop” as an option).

So, to stop this happening, you need to turn OFF that Toolbar. Simple. Annoying but simple.

I am only posting this here as I’ve only ever seen this discussed (and fixed!) in one place, so a little link love goes out to the Tech Support Guy forums where they solved this problem, and suggested a workaround for those who like having that Desktop Toolbar available:

You can get around this by making the toolbar point to the Desktop but using c:Documents and Settings > (Profile name) > Desktop. You don’t see the My Computer and IE icons in the list, but everything else shows up, and you won’t have the multiple Desktops bug bothering you.

Ain’t the internets wonderful.