Blogging world quiet this weekend? I wonder why?

Tee hee, see, nothing sinister, just a good weekend for people to be out and about (although as Alex pointed out, that may mean that they will have even more to blog about but I’m holding out that most people won’t cover it until Monday… or Sunday night at least…)

Now what else was I going to do? Oh yes, apologies for the picture quality, taken with my webcam.

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bookmark_borderThe internetweb

OK, I’ve been ‘on’ the web since around 1995. It is now an integral part of my life and my work, and I’ve come to rely on it, and barely give it a thought most days.

Now and again though I pause and remember how incredible it is. I’ve just downloaded IrfanView from a site in Alaska. It took all of 20 secs. From Alaska.

Isn’t it amazing what you take for granted?


Tonight is curry and karaoke night. I don’t sing at karaoke’s. At least that’s what I tell myself, but as the ‘evening’ doesn’t start until 7:30pm and we’ll hit the pub at the back of 5pm… well I reckon my dulcet tones may be inflicted on my poor work colleagues.

Of course I’ll miss the eviction on BB4 tonight – but my darling wife is under strict orders to update me with the news (and failing that I have my sister and Dianne as backup, not that I’m suggesting that my wife doesn’t follow my orders… errmm… she does… sometimes… when she wants too…).

And make sure you come back tomorrow and I’ll reveal the reasoning behind my earlier prediction (and I’ll possibly reveal something else too)

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