Welcoming Daisy

Reading time: 2 mins Hello Daisy, Welcome to the world, a world that just got a little bit better because you arrived. We’ve known your name for a while now and I have to say it suits you so well. So in a similar vein, as I have been doing for your big sister Lucy, I thought I’d introduce […]

Lucy is 5

Reading time: 2 mins Right you, first things first, at what point are you going to stop growing up so damn fast?! Every time I see you, you’ve changed. Long gone is the adorable toddler who would bumble over and hold my hand and laugh and giggle, and now here you are, an inquisitive, funny, girl who is just […]

Another New Year

Reading time: 5 mins The new year rolls around and as the Weightwatchers adverts start appearing I find myself looking back over my aims from 2020 and wondering what to do next. I try not to fall into the ‘New Year New Me’ thinking but I think it’s natural to have a sense of looking ahead. That said given […]

2020 was ok

Reading time: 3 mins 2020 was a year, a year like no other but still just a year. For many it was a struggle just to get through each day, the toil of lockdown on the mental health of many is something we won’t fully appreciate for some time, and tragically many didn’t survive at all. I don’t think […]

Ram Dass

Reading time: < 1 min The quieter you become the more you can hear. Ram Dass

Adolfo Quezada

Reading time: < 1 min We do not need power to be compassionate, but we need compassion to be powerful. Adolfo Quezada