Appreciation of Blue

A clear blue afternoon, a quiet apartment, a man gazes up at the sky. A comforting light that ebbs through the blinds, glowing lines in strict patterns on the floor, highlighting the knots and swirls of the floorboards. The evening is settling around him as he sits quietly, leaning back in his favourite chair. A

Lessening the Absolutes

To me, morals are objective, they aren't governed by distinct rules or laws (there is no black or white) and so I find people who make blanket statements, absolutes that leave only two options, troublesome to the point of aggravating. Over the last few years I've slowly been filtering out as many negative influences as

Seven Days

2014 has arrived and already we are a week into the new year. Time for a recap, yeah? Am I doing this right? Number of times I’ve written 2013 by accident. One. Number of (short, slow) jogs I’ve managed. Two. Number of nights sleep ruined by insomnia. Three. Number of days I’ve thought about shaving

Doing more

I seem to be on a bit of a get shit done kick at the moment. My desire to simplify and declutter continues and that in turn seems to be feeding my desire to tackle lots of the little things that rattle around in my head on a fairly constant basis. On the face of