bookmark_borderRain, rain, go away…

I’m sitting in the midst of a VERY tidy office.

Some shopping this morning, and then home to be inside whilst the heavens opened. Yeuch.

Bonus: Didn’t have to cut the grass. Mind you as it now resembles more of a field of buttercups maybe that’s not such a good thing…< But we did get the office tidied. And we are off out tonight to a wedding reception. Ohh and we watched Spiderman last night. Wasn't too bad a way to spend a couple of hours. Thought Tobey Maguire was good, and I think the sequel will be better as they can let 'Spidey' emerge more as I thought it was lacking slightly in the witty one-liners department. Kirsten Dunst was good, I thought her portrayal of.. aww sod it, she's gorgeous. And if feels so much better to be able to say that now, unlike the first time I saw her and thought 'what a beautiful girl' (Interview with a Vampire).


As Richard Bloomfield points out, Scottish politicians will soon have a two month ‘recess’. In most other jobs, two months would be unheard of, so I’m guessing that whatever it is they spend their time doing can’t be THAT important or crucial. After all if it was, they wouldn’t be able to take so much time off?!

Or have I got it wrong again?


At home. Getting loads done.

Spiderman (at last) tonight.

Loads to do tomorrow (cut grass, get haircut, tidy office).

More later.


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Updated the Visit page again, removed a few, added a few, hoped to not cause offense by placing site X after site Y, you know the kinda thing…

If I’ve missed you, or deleted you, or you think I’m missing out (the sites listed are my ‘regulars’) let me know.

Well I would’ve updated it if I could get an FTP connection, grrrrrrr.

bookmark_borderTentacle payment

There are a few smart cards here in the UK, but none have really grabbed the limelight. This story about Hong Kong Embracing the Octopus Card is fascinating, but somehow I don’t think it will catch on here in the UK. You can almost hear the whiney voiced objections from differing transport companies “But our system is already in place” “But it will costs us xxx more than them to implement”.


(snagged from rebecca’s pocket)