A quickie

Louise bought a smaller pumpkin, and as I didn't have much time, I decide on the quick option.(It's not exactly how it will look, as most of the insides are in a bag ready to take to the party where I'll reassemble it).Anyway, enough nonsense. Have a good night if you are out and about,


Peter prompts - which order should comments appear - oldest to newest (oldest at the top) or newest to oldest?I've had it set as newest to oldest, but have changed it to oldest to newest and I'm about to head off round the blogospher (ohh ok round my blogroll) to take an informal poll of

Coupla quick things

An Advert:Got iTunes? Get Tag&Rename which now has m4a support (iTunes info in MP3 files). I've been using this program for about a year now, keeping my MP3 collection in neat order. Coupled with MusicMatch for ripping it ensures filenames and ID3 tags are the way I want themI've been posting at Troubled Diva over

Carving the Pumpkin

Firstly you must be prepared. Knives are essential (obviously) as is an ice cream scoop. Other sites my advocate power tools but I prefer the hand approach (and I'm not allowed them in the kitchen...).Firstly cut open the top, remembering to cut at an angle so that the 'top', when replaced, doesn't fall inside the


As you have (by now) spotted, I've tweaked the design for halloween.In fact, it was so easy, that I will be doing the same in the future and I'm actually considering seasonal designs... So there's a question - how much does the design (look and feel) of a website, influence your decision to visit it?

Coming soon… *

A special Halloween feature.The carving of the pumpkin photo fest![UPDATE: As Donalda points out, Halloween is very American these days. Kids arrive at your door, declaring "Trick or Treat", demanding money and sweets. They don't tell a joke, sing a song, or do ANYthing... just stand there. Ohh and don't try and give them monkey

I love this game

New NBA season has kicked off, and thankfully I now have Sky Sports Extra so can catch some games and highlights. Only problem: Look at the show times!.9 a.m. on a Saturday morning - that's criminal!


Article from today's Metro (the train users friend):"Culture Minister Frank McAveety will travel to Hollywood this weekend to help push Scottish culture and fashion ... [at the] Dressed to Kilt event."The headline?"Frankie Goes to Hollywood."

All quiet

Been a busy day, so much so I didn't even manage to post over at Diva Towers. I do have something prepared though for tomorrow.Of course when I say prepared, I mean I know the topic.And when I say I know the topic, I mean I know roughly what 'area' it will fall into...Hmmm I

Translator required

I'm pretty sure I know someone who can translate from French to English... So, Jez mate, buddy, pal... found this in my referrer logs and whilst I get the jist....L'oeil de mouche - Toujours plus d'intégration.And yes I could babelfish it, but these things never translate properly do they...


Don't blame me, you asked for it.. OK Richard and Alexandra are the ones who asked, so you can blame them...And yes, that appears to be the worst picture of me ever.