Reading time: < 1 min Back in sunny Scotland. Well cloudy Scotland anyway… Will post ‘diary’ from San Francisco soon, should be a riveting read, and will keep you completely engrossed for days on end… or perhaps not.

San Fran Diary

Reading time: < 1 min I’m getting far to accustomized to this lifestyle. Beautiful weather, friendly laidback atmosphere, and peace and quiet to do my work. Heading into San Francisco tomorrow to be a tourist, then have to complete my assigned shopping list on Friday a.m. (4 pairs of 501s please) and pop into the office to say bye to […]

San Fran Diary

Reading time: < 1 min Pleasanton CA. Is exactly as it sounds, pleasant. Weather is lovely, nice walk yesterday up Pleasanton Ridge. Work for a couple of days then into San Francisco on Thursday. I’m keeping a diary of sorts which I will post when I get back.


Reading time: < 1 min 16 Steps to Effective E-mail – if only everyone followed these, even partway. Personal bugbear: No subject line in an email – AARRGHH!

Stereo phonical

Reading time: < 1 min It had better be good, it had better deliver the goods, and live up to all the hype, and hype there will be, not to mention expectation… OH the expectation.. What am I wittering on about? The new Stereo MC’s album – Deep Down and Dirty (nice title). I’m jigging up and down in my […]

Wood for trees

Reading time: < 1 min Bah… I know I should be getting all excited, and I kinda am, but not as much as I usually would, does this mean I’m getting old? Flying out to San Francisco on Saturday morning, staying and working in Pleasanton, and unfortunately missing a major (and I mean MAJOR) night out, bummer.