bookmark_borderHappy New Year!

Another year wiser and another excuse to compile a series of lists and memories. In many respects it’s been the best and worst of years, but two events tip it firmly in the favour of “years to forget”. More on that later, let’s get the really important stuff out of the road first.
Best of 2005

  • Best ‘new’ blog (to me at least) – Southern Bird
  • Best blog post – impossible to tell, I’ll just direct you to troubled diva’s PoW competition.
  • Best software – the find of the year, for me, was definitely uTorrent
  • Best book – A Million Little Pieces edges it, just.
  • Best movie – Ray
  • Best album – Aerial by Kate Bush.
  • Best gig – Foo Fighters (simply because I was releasing four years pent up desire to see them live)
  • Best comedian – Lee Evans pips Eddie Izzard for the simple fact that I actually did end up with a little escaped pee in my pants. He was THAT funny.

The downside of 2005
Of course the year was dominated by two events, my father’s heart attack and the sudden passing of Louise’s Mum. My Dad is doing great, and having changed his diet and upped his exercise he really is a new man, it’s had the side effect of giving me a kick up the backside as well.

Louise is bearing up, although Christmas was hard, and is looking forward to seeing her Dad in a couple of weeks; he’s doing OK too, spent Christmas with some friends. Whilst I’m not in denial, I still find it hard to believe Grace is no longer with us. I can’t even begin to fathom how Louise feels, despite talking about it both frequently and at length I don’t think you CAN know unless you experience it. All I know is that it breaks my heart to see her so upset, and me so powerless to do anything to put the world right for her. She is ‘getting better’ though, and our family and friends have been wonderful.

I’ve had to re-edit the previous paragraph to remove every cliche ever known to man, or woman for that matter. Funny how they are only considered cliches because they are true, especially when dealing with ‘true friends’, comparing ‘blood to water’ and so on…

The upside of 2005
Blogwise I can happily confess that I’ve never updated my blogroll as often and with such quality sites. There are many new names on there (on the left) and while the new sites impress, the ‘old hands’ continue to get better and better. I could (have!) lose entire days absorbing what I can from your blogs, yet no matter how many talented writers I read I seem destined to remain stuck with my claw-handed fumbling and pawing of the English language. You gals and guys are an inspiration, thank you for writing.

And of course another year saw another Scottish blogmeet. It’s always fun meeting people who share a hobby and this year was no exception with not only a great turnout but a fabulous bunch of people too, a great time was had. I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t get time to organise a second meet but I’ve already got plans for 2006!

Of course I should mention my new venture which has been well received. Whilst I do have a few plans for the first half of next year, beyond that the sky is the limit so fingers (legs, eyes, arms etc etc) crossed.

And finally
In closing I’d like to thank everyone who has read, or commented on, this site in 2005. It’s a funny little hobby but it keeps me out of trouble and has introduced me to a lot of fascinating, intelligent, talented and funny people. Not to mention a few hot babes too (pix, southern diva, pink….). I’ll also single out Adrian for offering not only the most comments but, without a doubt, the highest ratio of spelling mistakes per comment, it’s just as well the quality of his comments is so high. Finally a mention for Lyle, a gentleman who has helped me out of some rather deep and messy coding holes, very much appreciated.

So without further ado, I ask you all, ladies and gentlemen, to charge your glasses and raise them in a toast:

To the year 2006; as we slide down your bannister, may all the splinters face the other way

Happy New Year everyone. Take care of you and yours.

bookmark_borderNo rest

Lovely Christmas day, tempered with more bad news in the evening (more later but I’m not dwelling on it now). Delicious dinner, ate too much, drank enough to destroy my liver several times over and got some rather nice pressies as well.

Yesterday was spent in the company of friends, inventing cocktails, playing board games and laughing about things which were really funny at the time. Not so much now though.

Home today for a brief rest.

Tomorrow my parents over for dinner. Thursday a night at Louise’s cousins. Friday we’re down at friends for a cocktail night. Saturday.. well it’s Hogamanay of course! Sunday is a day of rest and we play host to Louise’s brother and sister on Monday.

I’m almost looking forward to getting back to work on Tuesday for a rest!

Hope you’re all having a good time as well.

bookmark_borderCrimbo Humour

Certainly not original but tickled my funny bone. A little.

Things you can only say during Christmas:

  1. I prefer breasts to legs
  2. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist.
  3. Smother the butter all over the breasts!
  4. If I don’t undo my trousers, I’ll burst!
  5. I’ve never seen a better spread!
  6. I’m in the mood for a little dark meat.
  7. Are you ready for seconds yet?
  8. It’s a little dry; do you still want to eat it?
  9. Just wait your turn, you’ll get some!
  10. Don’t play with your meat.
  11. Stuff it up between the legs as far as it will go.
  12. Do you think you’ll be able to handle all these people at once?
  13. I didn’t expect everyone to come at the same time!
  14. You still have a little bit on your chin.
  15. How long will it take after you put it in?
  16. You’ll know it’s ready when it pops up.
  17. Just pull the end and wait for the bang.
  18. That’s the biggest bird I’ve ever had!
  19. I’m so full, I’ve been gobbling nuts all morning.
  20. Wow, I didn’t think I could handle all that and still want more!
  21. I do like a good stuffing.

Anymore for anymore?

It’s unlikely that I’ll be back online until after the festive season has abated, sometime around the 28th I reckon. So to everyone who has visited this year, to those with whom I’ve corresponded, and to anyone who wanders by randomly, may I take this oppor-chancity to (ohh get on with it!) thank you for visiting and wish you ALL the best of times. Take care of you and yours.

bookmark_borderSoundtrack your life

Every now and then I find myself thinking (I hesitate to call it planning) out blog posts whilst wandering around. This is no exception and, as you’ll find if you read on, I do seem to wax lyrical a tad. No excuse or pardon is requested, just a forewarning. This gets a bit… esoteric?

For a moment let me split the world into two types of people. Those who listen to music whilst walking around, and those that don’t.

Agreed? Good.

In the past, I’ve heard people say that the “iPodding” of the world is a bad thing with people more inclined to shut themselves away, close their ears and minds to the rest of humanity and try to create their own little utopia. I’ve touched on this before. However I hold this mornings saunter through early morning Glasgow as evidence to say that it just isn’t so (sometimes).

Picture the scene; people scurry to work, pirouetting their cappucinos out of harm’s way. Shop fronts flicker into life, shutters rattle and the daily flow of customers begins. Some dawdled, anxious to remain alone, some stride with purpose. On a corner two people meet, exchange pleasantries and wander off together, lost in conversation. Snippets are overheard as the light filters across the buildings, the pace gathering as the day begins. A swirl of strangers, the meeting of night and day, cash machines beep, papers unread under arms, crumbs falling from stolen breakfasts. Even the pigeons are lethargic, dawdling on the roads, skipping from underneath tyres. In the midst a man walks, observing. People and buildings, lights and reflections fall into his gaze. He looks up to admire the buildings, down to avoid the puddles.

Now, set that to music, something gentle and quiet – Veneer by Jose Gonzalez perhaps (which features the track used in the recent “bouncy ball” advert on the TV). Play it at a volume which allows the random sounds of the morning to sneak through, and enjoy your own take on the morning. A melancholy uplifting as you wander, a new sheen placed on old items, a fresh slant on the random. A change of stride, a change of pace and the day starts anew, different to the last, newer than old and moving under your control.


Arriving home to find a reindeer on your front lawn is always a little startling.

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