Hum this

Reading time: < 1 min Harmonising Horses. Why? Why not I say! (click a horse to start) (via Ann Marie – who needs to get a website!)

Scotland catches up

Reading time: < 1 min Wi-Fi in Scotland at last! Quick I must rush out and buy something that uses Wi-Fi… or not… well not yet… why would I pay $5.50 for an hour? Sheesh.

Rhetorical irony

Reading time: < 1 min The final irony driving a nail through the common usage of the word ‘ironic’ a wonderful article to delight wordsmiths everywhere. Ohh ‘wot-e-verrr’..

Wandering Maltesers

Reading time: < 1 min Louise is making rapid strides in her recovery, and was desperate to get out of the house today, so I did a bit of research (read: aimless surfing) and came across Viewpark Gardens. Ideal as it didn’t seem too big, and is only 15 mins in the car. Now before I go further I should […]


Reading time: < 1 min MSN Messenger 6 Preview. Me likey. Especially the ‘display picture’ bit. Anyway. Wine drunk. Me too. Bed.