Strange Bias

Pulling together my monthly column for the ISTC (I write about blogs, unsurprisingly), I noticed something rather odd. I really, sincerely, hope this isn't something I've been unconsciously doing but it does seem that many of the technical communications blogs I follow, and which I feature in my monthly column, are written by men. Given

Not here

I don't think I've done this before and to be honest it's more an experiment than anything that has particularly good reasoning behind it, yet here I am, tapping away on my iPhone. It's because I can, pure and simple, yet there is a part of me screaming "SWITCH IT OFF!!" and begging me to

How to prioritise your work

We all have a need to make sure we are working on the most important thing, the thing that needs our attention and focus the most. Given that all of us will have more than one thing that needs to get done, you need to prioritise. But how? Ivan Walsh recently posted his thoughts on

ISTC & Community

Over the coming month or so, I'll be casting around for opinion and insight from you, my lovely readers, particularly if you are based in the UK and especially if you are a member of the ISTC member. Why? I hear you ask. It's because I'm planning, designing, and building, a community focussed extension to

Why blogging is good

The blogs I read are written by a reasonably diverse group of people. Naturally I steer clear of people who have hateful views, or from which I'm not going to learn anything except that they like the sound of their own voice, but on the whole I read interesting posts written by intelligent people. When

Finding Balance

My balance is quite good, says the Wii Fit Plus, but then it also says I have a "Fit Age" of 31 so what does it know. So whilst my physical balance isn't too bad, I'm finding myself looking for balance in the other parts of my life. I feel like some caricature when I

ISTC West of Scotland area group – January meeting

Theme: The remit of communication professionals in the organisation. How can different comms professionals (technical authors, editors, web content/marketing/training writers, internal/corporate comms, information architects, graphic designers...) work effectively with each other and the rest of the organisation? Time: Monday 25 January 2010, from 7.30 pm onwards. Venue: Waxy O'Connors pub, 44 West George Street, Glasgow,

Words and books

I'm blaming Stephen Fry. I tried, I really did try and read his autobiography but it just didn't flow for me. As wonderful a wordsmith as he is, it just didn't read well, the flow and cadence was wrong and I found myself slowing down to read things in his voice. Whilst I like Stephen

Making the brave choices

I was recently asked to write an article about blogging for inclusion in a piece focussed on social media and how it will both challenge and change our profession as a whole and the more I wrote the more it helped me sort out my own thoughts on the matter. One thing I've realised is

This is not Friends

If it was, this would be the "one where nothing that interesting happens because, you know, life is mostly like that". Or perhaps it would be the "one where all anyone seems to be talking about is the snow and ice". Or, most realistically, it would be the "one where he spends all day doing

Analyse this

Let me tell you a story. In it our hero (me) fights valiantly against two Javascript dragons called Webhelp and Google Analytics. It's a bloody battle and at the end, when all the fighting is done, well ... you'll have to read on and find out. Some background first. We have a developer community website

Morning Music

Radio and I have never really gotten along. It's mostly my fault. I don't listen. badum tish! Actually, that's not all that far from the truth. I don't listen to the radio all that much, it's just never been a part of any routine. Radio wasn't a big part of my childhood as it never

Back in the flow

Smugly, I'm not at work today as we have a public holiday carried over so that particular pleasure has to wait. Not so smugly I've got three websites to design and build, the living room and hall need painted, the ceiling of the porch needs to tackled, and a big heavy wooden reindeer is still