Reading time: < 1 min A quick recap. I injured my ankle on Thursday 17th October (my birthday, what a great present!). Since then I’ve been laid up at home. I still can’t walk properly but at least I can move around. So much so, I’m being taken out for dinner and a movie tonight, having missed them for my […]

Strange thoughts

Reading time: < 1 min I’ve said before that I do this (maintain this website) for me. So how come I feel slightly guilty for hardly touching it for a week? The weird thing is that I feel and think exactly the same when some of my regular reads go on hiatus (take a hiatus? what’s the correct usage here?). […]


Reading time: < 1 min How are you? It feels odd having been ‘away’ for a week or so. My ankle is healing, although still very stiff and bruised. I’ll be at home all week but hope to spend some more time on the PC catching up (soooo much catching up). If you’ve sent me an email I apologise I’ll […]

STILL sore

Reading time: < 1 min But getting better. More blogging next week as I should be able to move around more by then.

Still sore

Reading time: < 1 min Doctor’s appointment on Friday, probably be off work next week as I still can’t put any weight on my right foot/ankle. I am using the time constructively to hack through the pile of unread books I have, and staying away from the PC as much as I can (mainly because it is upstairs, and crawling […]

Ohh and thanks

Reading time: < 1 min Excuse me, my manners are appalling! MANY thank to everyone who wished me well last week. Right, I’m off for some more painkillers.