How are you?

It feels odd having been ‘away’ for a week or so. My ankle is healing, although still very stiff and bruised. I’ll be at home all week but hope to spend some more time on the PC catching up (soooo much catching up). If you’ve sent me an email I apologise I’ll get round to replying as soon as I can.

Other than that, not a lot for me to say really. Spent the most of last week lying on the couch with my right leg raised. Watching TV/DVDs and reading (Cold Six Thousand at the moment). Thankfully we are getting Discovery channels free this month, courtesy of those nice people at Telewest (we just have the basic package as we really don’t watch that much TV), so I’ve not had to suffer too much daytime TV.

TV wise, the highlight of the week was definitely Professor Robert Winston’s new show Human Instinct. Fascinating and original, well worth watching. The new series of The Soprano’s started well, and I’ve managed to watch a few old Hitchcock movies as well (The man who new too much on DVD, and finally got around to watching Notorious which I had taped last Xmas sometime…). Other film related watching included the AFI’s 100 most thrilling American movies which was must better than I expected but still featured a few suspect choices for my taste.

Hopefully next week I’ll be able to comment on something else (like what you guys have been up to!)

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