What makes me?

Somewhere in my head is a blog post about some things that are, naturally, close to who am I as a person. That blog post will likely be a rambling monologue, discussing depression, sexuality, relationships, and how my view of my world, and the world at large has changed and will continue to evolve. But

Last Sunday…

Final day of a long weekend in London, and no plans at all. And so it was that Kirsty and I spent a lovely day just wandering about, no real aim at all. We dumped our bags at Paddington left luggage (yes, we included a marmalade sandwich just to make sure) and decided we'd head

Last Saturday…

The hotel Kirsty and I were staying was part of new budget range which is slowly branching out from it's Asian roots. The service is good, the rooms clean and well appointed but very very small and you pay only for what you want (towels, TV, late check out, even the option of a window

Last Friday…

I always enjoy visiting London and I'm lucky that when I do I also know a lot of lovely, friendly, funny, engaging people who I can meet (I'm still trying to fathom why they keep agreeing to it, and can only presume that it's some form of charity outreach program?). The reason for the trip

Dealing with change

It's going to be a big year for us, both as a company and as a team. We have grand and achievable plans for the product which will mean the working processes for the Publications team will need to change for, as well as multiple streams of work with their own staggered release dates for

ISTC West of Scotland Area Group meeting

The next ISTC West of Scotland area group meeting in Glasgow will take place on Thursday 16th February 2012, from 7.30 pm onwards. Come along to talk about latest news and trends in communication, or just to meet other communication professionals. The event is free and open to anyone interested in technical communication, such as

One step forward…

Firstly I'll admit that I'm starting to feel a bit like a fool. I've been close to getting the new ISTC website launched for several weeks now, only for an subtle twist or unforeseen working process to scupper my plans. I realise now, of course, that what I should've done was revisit the usage models

Full steam ahead for 2012

I'm a creature of habit, of routine. I'm not the greatest at handling change so it has taken me a little by surprise when I realised that in the past few months I've made some changes. Mostly based around how I use my computer; I've changed my main browser from Firefox to Chrome, dumped Delicious