13 (+1)

Reading time: < 1 min Unlucky for some (the future lies ahead). As they say (whoever they are). Had hoped to not to be here when this rolled around (but it’s only a number). Life goes on (14 years is a long time). Always (there are many years ahead). Without fail (life goes on). Nothing is truly unlucky (nor is […]

Life continues

Reading time: < 1 min No offer on house. The viewers didn’t get an offer on their property so we are back to square … two, I guess as they are still interested. Anyway, off to visit the nurse today for a checkup on my blood pressure and to see if the drugs still work (and aren’t destroying my kidneys). […]

Content Aggregation

Reading time: 2 mins I have an admission. I’m lazy. I work hard to get around that basic character trait but it remains there in the background, nagging away at me. Professional pride stops it influencing my work (I manage a lean, mean to-do list to keep me on track), but when it comes to things on the periphery […]

Hoping for Mental

Reading time: 2 mins Ahhh yes, it makes perfect sense now I’ve realised what is going to happen. There is nothing I can do to stop it, so, as I have before, I’ll just go with the flow whilst the madness unfurls around me. If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs… We are […]

ISTC West of Scotland – Meetup

Reading time: < 1 min The next ISTC West of Scotland area group meeting will take place in Glasgow on Thursday 26th August 2010, from 7.30 pm onwards. Come along to talk about latest news and trends in communication, or just to meet other communication professionals. The event is free and open to anyone interested in technical communication, such as […]

See you in September?

Reading time: < 1 min Are you in the UK? Are you attending the Technical Communication conference in September? If not, you really should, it’s looking like it will be an excellent conference. The conference website is starting to gear up as well, and has posted some short interviews with some of the speakers, including yours truly. They should give […]