Reading time: < 1 min British soldiers torturing Iraqis – why are we shocked? Too close to home? How naive.Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, and Malta – welcome!Kilroy on have I Got News for You – rascist to the core.Derren Brown – simple tricks (some of them) but very very effective and ‘good TV’.Google IPO […]

Gilbert and Gay

Reading time: 2 mins Well Peter and Lyle have already answered (correctly) my question – I guess I should’ve banned certain people from answering… So why the Gilbert and Sullivan quote? Well for some reason I got that song into my head yesterday, as all I seemed to be doing was adding, deleting, editing and creating lists. I’m sure […]

A lesson in planning

Reading time: < 1 min “As some day it may happen that a victim must be found, I’ve got a little list–I’ve got a little list” – ???? Answers in the comment box (WITHOUT Googling!) for the source of the quote.. Now, as I’m on holiday I thought it might be fun to jot down some of the things I’m […]


Reading time: < 1 min I’m off work tomorrow. I’m praying for rain. I’ve done a rain dance and everything. I need rain. If it rains I don’t need to cut the grass.

The Butterfly Effect

Reading time: < 1 min The Butterfly Effect What could’ve been a great and clever thriller is, well not quite ruined, but certainly affected by Ashton Kutcher’s portrayal of the lead role. When I say portrayal I really mean.. well I’m not sure as it seems he just kinda turned up on set each day and played himself in that […]