Month: <span>April 2004</span>

British soldiers torturing Iraqis – why are we shocked? Too close to home? How naive.
Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, and Malta – welcome!
Kilroy on have I Got News for You – rascist to the core.
Derren Brown – simple tricks (some of them) but very very effective and ‘good TV’.
Google IPO – will it change the company ethos?
30 minutes a day – Government recommends our exercise; big brother? the kick up the arse the country needs? Neither?

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Well Peter and Lyle have already answered (correctly) my question – I guess I should’ve banned certain people from answering…

So why the Gilbert and Sullivan quote? Well for some reason I got that song into my head yesterday, as all I seemed to be doing was adding, deleting, editing and creating lists. I’m sure I’ve read something somewhere about people like me who love the planning stages of things but loathe the actually ‘doing’ of things (admittedly it does depend on the topic, the sexual power that can be transmitted in a text msg is quite startling at times. I digress.)

The song – They’ll be none of ’em be missed – is about the first victim of the new Lord High Executioner… although I’m not sure why I’m telling you this as it’s not what I was going to talk about.

Hang on, time to change the music.

Ahh that’s better, John Coltrane – Blue Train.

Right, what I WAS going to mention was the memories that most Gilbert and Sullivan songs dredge up. My Dad was very active in the local operatic groups (he’s a tenor, I’m a bass) and usually ended up in various lead roles, including the one for which he shaved off his beard of some 15 years, you can guess which one. My memories of being dragged along to these shows as a young teenager are surprisingly welcome, almost fond. But then I already know I’m turning into my Dad so why fight it?

It’s almost a comfort zone I think. Presuming you are happy that you inherit some of your parents traits, which I am (some of them!) then it’s all to easy to fall back into them as a reminder of childhood, into an almost blanket-like comfort. If I really don’t know what type of music to put on, I find myself reaching for Paul Simon, Billy Joel and the like (I have no Neil Sedaka in my collection I’ve just realised, must remedy that). The familiarity of the songs and the times they represent are unique to me.

This is turning into a ‘the power of music’ waffle. So I’ll pause here and move on to another topic – briefly though.

I have a gay friend. He’s been my friend for years, even before he realised* he was gay. I’m thinking he’ll be my friend for many more years to come. I don’t particularly bleat on about the fact, although obviously accompanying him to a known ‘gay bar’ (great, that damn songs in my head now – fight back Mr. Coltrane!!) does raise the fact when people ask what you did at the weekend.

One thing that DOES annoy me is the ‘points scoring’ that some people seem to.. I dunno.. enjoy? Counting how many ‘gay/black/muslim/other ‘minority’ group’ they are friends with. Obviously too insecure in themselves. Bugs the crap out of me. That is all.

* OK, BAD choice of word but you get what I mean… “before he came to accept” may be more accurate but I’ve never discussed it in great detail with him.

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“As some day it may happen that a victim must be found, I’ve got a little list–I’ve got a little list” – ????

Answers in the comment box (WITHOUT Googling!) for the source of the quote..

Now, as I’m on holiday I thought it might be fun to jot down some of the things I’m hoping to get done. Then I can re-visit the list come Monday evening and see how much of it I managed. So, without furtherado (as any more ‘ado-ing’ would only serve to further highlight that I’m kinda struggling to fill this post..)

1. Add album art to all the album I have in iTunes.
2. Add DVDs to collectorz software.
3. Finish adding books to collectorz software.
4. Fix the sidebar issue here.
5. Finish and launch Scottish Blogs.
6. Chase up FTP access for the HRL website.
7. Cut the grass.
8. Dig out new bed in front lawn, prepare for conifers and heathers (source some rocks as well).
9. Clear out garage (will include several trips to skip!).
10. Catch up on ‘recorded’ TV viewing.
11. Buy something for sister’s birthday.
12. Buy something for sister-in-law’s birthday.
13. Visit Stu and give him his birthday present from three weeks ago!
14. Start thinking about Louise’s birthday.
15. Re-design the photo gallery, and add more photos – maybe that will make you take some more.
16. Ponder this site – can I be bothered? Is it needed?


That’ll do for the moment I think. Remember, I want answers as to whom I should be attributing the opening quote – I do know the answer, just want to see how many of you do… I’ll explain why later.

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I’m off work tomorrow. I’m praying for rain. I’ve done a rain dance and everything. I need rain.

If it rains I don’t need to cut the grass.

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The Butterfly Effect

What could’ve been a great and clever thriller is, well not quite ruined, but certainly affected by Ashton Kutcher’s portrayal of the lead role. When I say portrayal I really mean.. well I’m not sure as it seems he just kinda turned up on set each day and played himself in that “Whooa.. dude!” kind role. The idea behind the movie, a man who blacked out events from his traumatic childhood then finds himself able to go back and change them, isn’t new, but is quite cleverly handled. In fact the story almost makes you forget just how average the acting is. Probably one to watch on a lazy Saturday.


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Last night, our ‘celebration’ trip to the cinema was to see The Butterfly Effect (starring Mr Demi Moore I think….). It was…. yeah, it was.. it was a movie. He was awful, the plot was sketchy, the script was ropey. Shame really as the main premise of the movie was OK. Mind you after someone saying they had walked out because of it’s “sadistic sickness” I guess I should’ve know better. Anyway, Louise was keen and I’ve not gotten through 7 years of marriage without learning the value of compromise.

Ho hum.

Ohh and for the record, Louise and I have been together for ten years, engaged for three, married for seven. We met when we were 15 (first love… awwww…). The ducklings (see yesterday’s post) were very young. Not sure how you age a duckling to be honest. Suffice to say there were at the fluffy cute stage.

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