Flow increasing

I'm slowly remembering how to do this thing called 'blog'. Next up, a question: Anyone know of a small (light on resources) PHP web server I can run on my home machine (XP Pro), for testing purposes only.. it's a real pain to have to make changes to a PHP script, upload it, refresh the

Big Ugly Nosed..

To biguglynosedguy AT hotmail.com:I sent you an email. Can you please respond. I have no idea who you are, and until you answer that I won't be adding you to my MSN Messenger list. Sorry.Yours,snowgoon2206

Finish what you are saying

One of the characters in the book I'm reading mentions that he is always "ahead of conversations". He mentions that by the time someone is partway through a sentence he invariably knows what they are going to say, and the rest of the time he has to maintain an "air of interest". This act bores


Not well. Made it in to work. Sat in a meeting room all day. No energy. Still bleuch.Real life may continue tomorrow.

Bill Withers

Ain't it a lovely day.Mind you I'd be able to enjoy it much more if I could get rid of this migraine headache that I've had since wakening up on Saturday morning. Ho hum.

Quick Hack

Minor changes - colour tweaks, and a re-ordering of the columns is on it's way - should save any delays loading the site. Permalinks are now the post title. Until I change my mind.Again...


Plugged in for most of today, yesterday, day before, so Audioscrobbler is my main source of 'fun' at the moment (how sad is that?). Have to agree with the point made by Prol and Chris that it's very "alt-rock" heavy at the moment (I'm probably not helping mind you...). Here's what Chris said:Make an effort

And while I remember

1. Spent last night building the elliptical trainer so, yes Graybo, I am now able to "get those ellipses in shape!".2. How does Mr.Coates generate that "What's on the stereo?" list in his sidebar - is it powered by Audioscrobbler?3. Anyone spotted the new referrer script at the bottom of my sidebar? Only really of

Snap Happy

Izb over at Yeah, but is it art? hits on a problem I have too."obstacle number two; wanting to take pictures in places where you don't stick out like a sore thumb."I suffer from the same affliction which is why I've hardly taken any photos this year (so far). Another key issue for me, and


Record Breakers' McWhirter dies.I can still remember rushing home from school the night this was on, back when it was still new, and fun and entertaining, and most of the attempts were genuinely amazing instead of the more common 'world record for eating the most Smarties in 30 secs' type of thing which isn't really


No sooner have I mentioned that it's "International TV Turnoff Week" than the TV schedules throw up some unmissable programmes. Naturally the BBC Two anniversary is the centre of attention, but don't forget THAT abortion documentary, not to mention a Champions League semi-final (hmmmm I'm not sure about the way I've structured this.... I DO

True geekery

Congrats to the Zeldmans. Although only a true geek would title the post announcing the arrival "Project Amnion".I'm reliable informed that Amnion is "The thin, transparent inner membrane (the chorion is the outer layer) that constitutes the amniotic membranes. These membranes contain the amniotic fluid and form a protective layer for the baby". (Where would