Strange, cathartic kinda mood. Same every year really.

Lunch with friends on Tuesday then braved the Sales (and no I wasn’t one of the nutters waiting for the 5 a.m. opening), quiet day yesterday (read a book… that’s it) and starting to think about 2001. Resolutions – nah.. still trying to get my head round last year’s. By the way, did you know you can make a chicken from a carrott and a lemon? Neither did I.

Just thinking, I should really get the new design posted, and write some stuff down.


Too much food. The right amount of booze – a relaxed Christmas Day.

Saw my Gran today, it’s amazing how many years a walking stick adds. She never looked like a ‘granny’ before.

bookmark_borderChristmas Eve

The calm before the storm? It’s Christmas Eve and we’re in that funny period between the build-up and the day itself. Quiet anticipation.

Friday night, Xmas lunch at work, wine, beer, dancing… top night! Mind you it always ends the same way… kinda flat. Still managed to get some exclusive gossip, but won’t be able to get more info until I get back to work…

Still trying to remember why I have a bite mark on my leg…


Once upon a time there was a guy. He put together a website. He posted some stuff about himself, some rants, and other bits and bobs. So far the story has no end. So far…

Stuck in a kind of limbo – loads of ideas, yet keep getting pulled back to handle the present. Oh and to everyone who reads this, yes I DO know who you are, and no I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think. As I’ve said before, there is more to me than I can contain in a website. Mind you I’m once again wondering if this will continue. If it is to provide cheap entertainment and gossip, then I won’t bother. God that sounds petulant, time to repeat my mantra – this site is for me – not for you, this site is for me – not for you.


Re-design took a step forward (at last).

The project I was working on will finally be completed tomorrow. Which gives me 2 days to do what I had planned to do in 5… nothing new there then.

File-renaming. I want to rename my MP3s. I currently have Track – Artist.mp3. I would like Artist – Track.mp3. Help!

bookmark_borderLet it snow

I wish it would snow. Well to be more accurate, Louise wishes it would snow. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas. This cold, wet, dreich day is typical of recent winters.

We are trying to organise our Xmas activities. Xmas day – up early (after much prodding and ‘subtle’ banging about by Louise), head through to see in-laws and sister-in-law + 4 kids (probably bump into brother-in-law as well), stay there until late morning/early afternoon. Head to my parents, where my Gran will be. Stay there until late afternoon. Back to in-laws for Xmas dinner and far too much alcohol. Then Louise can drive us home, unless we sleep on a floor somewhere, which is more likely than not. I love the bustle of Christmas.